Here's What Type Of Person A Pisces Should Marry

Pisces are known for being dreamy, empathetic, and sensitive above all else, with an intuitive streak that makes them the fortune tellers of the zodiac (via Allure). Compassionate and wise with a passion for the arts, this Water sign will envelope loved ones in music, paintings, poetry — anything that makes them feel something. Pisces are also known for being faithful and ever-emotional in relationships, while never judging loved ones no matter what they do (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). Achieving some of the best relationships with other people, there are four signs in particular that complement Pisces the best — and we can totally see why.

One of the signs that pairs the best with Pisces is none other than Taurus, an Earth sign that grounds Pisces with practicality yet can be equally romantic. Taurus signs are known for being responsible and devoted, lending peace and steadiness to Pisces, yet giving into inherently-spiritual activities like gardening, cooking, music, and creating art. The flowing, mutable Pisces gains stability from Taurus, while the "wandering bull" sign can learn a thing or two about compromise, and seeing other points of view. While they might find difficulties with Pisces' lack of security and Taurus' focus on materialism, it's usually an amazing match.

Pisces' best matches

Pisces also matches incredibly-well with Cancer signs, who are just as sensitive, emotional, loyal, and sympathetic. A fellow Water sign, Cancers will join in on Pisces' intuition and gentle nature, feeling right at home in a romantic, artistic setting like an outdoor concert. That being said, Cancers are homebodies that love to just relax on the couch with their partner, while Pisces are a bit more social and less grounded. Similarly, Pisces love having all kinds of friends, while Cancers can be judgmental toward strangers, preferring to stay in their shell. As Pisces are more open to the universe around them, they could find difficulty with Cancers' suspicion of the outside world.

Another fantastic match for Pisces are Scorpios, whose fierce devotion to truth, loyalty, and emotion will pull in the "two fish" sign with magnetism. Similarly spiritual, the two signs express passion in different ways — Pisces does so through dreams and creation, while Scorpios find their passion in being brave and resourceful. These two signs can be deeply complementary, although they may clash due to Pisces' trusting nature and Scorpios' distrust of everyone.

Lastly, Pisces can feel at peace with Capricorns, an Earth sign whose inherent responsibility, discipline, and self-control will ground Pisces, while accepting their true nature. Capricorns are independent and great managers of time and money, teaching Pisces about being practical and realistic. In the same vein, Pisces can teach Capricorns about letting loose, making life a work of art for them!