The New Astrological Year Starts March 20: Here's What It Means For Your Zodiac Sign

While many of us consider the new year to begin on January first of each year, those who follow astrology acknowledge and celebrate a different day as the start of a new year. The vernal equinox, the technical term for the first day of spring, takes place at precisely 9:37 am on March 20th if you live in the Northern Hemisphere. This moment marks not only the beginning of a new season, but also the start of the astrological new year (via Vogue). Not only does the beginning of a new astrological year signal a restart, a refresh, and an opportunity to refocus, but just a few days after the equinox, another major astrological event will take place, increasing this energy for positive manifestation and joyful creation. 


The Venus star point occurs on March 26th during the early days of Aries season. This means that Venus will align perfectly with the sun. This happens only once every 10-12 months and will be the only time it occurs in 2021. When these two heavenly bodies align, they drive and inspire us to commit to a new path, whether that is in love, in our professional lives, or otherwise. We will be moved to create a more positive outlook in all aspects of our lives and be inspired to build toward our dreams.

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer

But what does it mean to your specific star sign? If you're an Aries, welcome to your season! It's going to be a powerful one. Your ruling planet Mars enters Gemini, which will make you eager to learn, to connect with others, and to build upon new and exciting endeavors and dreams (via Dazed Digital). While you are normally fiercely independent, you will find the best way to reach your goals right now is to collaborate with others from whom you can learn and with whom you can grow. 


Taurus, the new astrological year is a good time to bolster your inner voice and take stock in how you're feeling about your own life and treating yourself. The placement of the sun in Pisces means you have the power to utilize your creative imagination to birth new and positive solutions and ideas into reality. But to do this, you need to focus on the positive possibilities, not the negative ones. 

Gemini, this is a perfect time to throw yourself headlong into passion projects (via Vogue). It might be especially positive for you to engage in a humanitarian effort that benefits others. This will help you feel more connected to your intellectual and social needs, and will likely benefit you in your professional life, as well. 


Cancer, this new year energy brings focus and positive change to your professional life. If you're feeling like it's time to apply for the dream job, do it. Think you deserve a promotion? This is the time to ask for one. Let your ambition loose. 

Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio

Leo, you have a lot of creative energy flowing through and around you right now, and you've also been examining many pieces of your life. This is a great time to truly feel your feelings and express them. Don't hold anything in. Allow your creative energy to inspire you, and allow your emotions to flow as you open up to those you trust and reconnect with friends and family. (via Vogue). 


Virgo, your cerebral approach to things is about to be shaken up, for the better. With regard to interpersonal relationships, you will be inspired to listen to your heart, rather than your head (which is unlike you). You can't logic your way out of this one, Virgo, so surrender to the emotions you're feeling and to the wisdom of your heart. 

Libra, March is asking you to rebuild or revamp your spiritual practice. Your spirit is in need of nurturing, and the energy now is ideal for that. Whether it's developing a meditation practice, doing energy healing, or setting up an altar, follow your soul's pull toward the type of practice that will make you feel more in touch with what matters. As for romance, it's a great time to connect with your partner or find a new love (via Daze Digital). 


Scorpio, you may be feeling your characteristic fiery passions are pulled toward trying new things both professionally and in the bedroom. Keep your head during conflict, and the outcomes can be very positive. Just remember, with all that extra energy, you still need to make time to relax and unwind (via Vogue).    

Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces

Sagittarius, this is a great time to take up a new hobby, especially one that involves the visual arts or working with your hands. Seeing your creativity birth something real and tangible into the world will leave you feeling inspired and satisfied. You'll feel empowered to create your own reality, which is most certainly within your power (via Vogue). 


Capricorn, your longstanding tendency to keep your feelings inside, especially when they may create conflict, is abating. You are experiencing an "emotional renaissance" of sorts, and you're no longer inclined to keep your passionate feelings quiet, whether romantic or otherwise. 

Aquarius, you are emerging from some deep introspection brought on by last month's mercury retrograde. It's time for some much needed peace after the self-doubt and inner turmoil from last month (via Dazed Digital). Now, with all the planets direct, this peace will allow you to implement the new truths you've gathered to create a stronger, happier, more certain version of yourself.

Pisces, you have been having a powerful birthday season full of reflection and manifestation, and that energy continues to carry you into the new year; with very little effort you can attract what you most desire simply be believing it is already within your power to have it.