There Are No Planets In Retrograde Right Now: Here's What That Actually Means

On the days when nothing seems to go right, it's always nice to be able to blame a planet. Accidentally hit "reply all" on that email? Could be Mercury in retrograde. Having a tough time connecting with your partner? Better check on Venus. Just can't seem to make that new budget work? Jupiter might be messing up your money mojo.

A planetary retrograde is like a cosmic wrench in the spoke of that planet's energy, meaning that the factors usually helped by that planet are fumbled instead. Mercury, which rules over travel and communication, is most famous for its retrogrades which can feel like funky time where nothing seems to go according to plan and miscommunications abound. As celebrity astrologers, the Astrotwins explained to Shape, "Three or four times a year, Mercury passes the earth in its orbit. As it rounds the bend, Mercury slows down and appears to stop-or station itself-and spin backward, which is retrograde. Of course, it really isn't moving backward, but much like when two trains or cars pass each other, this creates the optical illusion that one-Mercury, in this case-is going backward."

While other planetary retrogrades don't get quite as much press, they can still mess with your plans or make you feel like you're swimming upstream. Wouldn't it be nice if it all just, you know, stopped for a minute? Well, good news is on the way. There are NO planets in retrograde right now — repeat — NONE. So. What does that mean?

Cosmic skies are clear until April 28th

Well, it means it's time to start looking at that "someday" to-do list, and seeing what steps you can take towards making those dreams into realities. Have you been making excuses for why something can't get started? If you're looking for a nudge, consider this: not a single planet is retrograde until Pluto turns on April 28th, which is basically like a cosmic road of green lights just waiting for you to hit the gas.

As astrologer Leona Moon told Well + Good, "When all planets in the sky are moving forward, we're able to access the external expression of their energies easier. There is forward movement — this is a wonderful time to start new projects, try out new hobbies, and cross things off that have been lingering on your to do list."

Elite Daily points out that March of 2021 is one of the most optimistic astrological forecasts we've seen in a while. Not only are all planets moving forward, but Mars entered Gemini on March 3rd bringing ambitious energy to new projects and intellectual pursuits, Neptune and the sun formed a conjunction in Pisces on March 10th, heightening creative energy, and if you're looking for a starting gun, Aries season starts on March 20th.

Though retrogrades are important opportunities for rest, reflection, and reevaluation, it's just as crucial to be ready when the skies are clear. So take a deep breath and carpe that diem!