What Does It Mean When Your Leg Itches?

You probably have itchy legs occasionally, and while, at times, it's obvious why because you have a bug bite or a sunburn, other times you have no clue why your skin feels irritated. Sometimes the feeling may be so intense that it wakes you up while you're sleeping, which could disrupt your life (via WebMD). It may be a specific spot, or perhaps you feel itchy all over one or both legs. At some point, everybody feels the need to scratch their legs. You can try to soothe the situation with a milk bath, which could give you some relief. 

Healthline reported that there are several reasons your lower limbs may feel itchy. From razor bumps to psoriasis like Kim Kardashian has and everything in between, it could mean many different things when you feel the urge to scratch your legs. While the intense feeling could be a sign of something serious, often, the itchiness is nothing to worry about because it's just a sign of dry skin or irritation due to wearing rough fabric. Unfortunately, scratching doesn't always relieve the itch.

The serious and not so serious reasons your legs might itch

An allergic reaction to something that's touched your legs may be the cause of your symptoms (via Healthline). Your skin could react to grass, or one of the products you use could be the culprit. If it continues, you may have to look at recent changes you've made to find relief. Other benign reasons for itchy legs include hair regrowth, razor bumps, folliculitis, exercise (via Women's Running), and dry skin.

Dermatologist Alix J. Charles told Prevention that the failure to moisturize is the most common cause of itchy legs or skin. To soothe your lower limbs, use a quality moisturizer that contains ceramides (aka lipids), hyaluronic acid, colloidal oatmeal (aka ground oatmeal), and the compound urea, per the outlet.

Among the more complicated reasons your legs might itch include diabetes. According to WebMD, the condition causes pruritus, which is the technical term for extra itchy skin, and it might be an early warning sign of diabetes if you don't have a previous diagnosis. Nerve damage, high blood sugar, poor circulation, and nephropathy could be reasons why diabetes leads to itchiness in your lower limbs.

Skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis also cause symptoms. Bug bites could be another cause of itchy legs, and for most bites, a topical steroid should clear things up. Some medications may also have itchy legs as a side effect. If you don't find relief, you should see your doctor to rule out one of the more serious reasons for itchy legs (via Healthline).