What Shannon From My 600-Lb. Life Looks Like Today

TLC's reality series My 600-Lb. Life has been captivating viewers and fans since its debut back in February 2012. The show allows anyone who watches it to follow along with the stars as they navigate their own weight and health-related challenges. The people featured on the show are typically extremely obese and facing a multitude of challenges — the goal of the show is to help each person work toward a healthier body and soul.

Viewers were introduced to Shannon Lowery when her episode aired on March 3, 2021. Lowery had spent a few months already trying to lose weight on her own, but to no avail. She ends up visiting Dr. Younan Nowzaradan to get help. At the appointment, Lowery weighs in at 739 pounds, and Dr. Nowzaradan tells her she the situation is serious.

As Soap Dirt explains, "He tells Shannon that if anything happens to her, she isn't going to survive. Next, Dr. Nowzaradan says it's a dire situation. He says if she doesn't lose weight, she's going to die. This is mainly because of how much strain she's putting on her body, because of her short stature and massive body weight."

How Shannon Lowery is doing these days

While filming her episode, Shannon made plans to move to Houston, Texas, where Dr. Nowzaradan is based. Unfortunately, that plan didn't end up working out. In February 2021, she updated her Facebook page explaining that the move wasn't happening, and that she felt a little lost.

"I dont know what im going to do. I need to move to houston texas so I can get surgery to save my life. But every thing i find in the way of a apartment or house i cant afford. Im one income and have no one eles to come with me."

Fans who saw Shannon's 600-Lb. Life episode likely recall her husband, Simon Johnson, who worried that he wouldn't be attracted to her if she lost the weight. While Soap Dirt writes that Johnson has been supportive of his wife, saying, "It's great that they support each other with what they want to do in life," it's curious that Lowery says she is alone at this point in her journey.

In another public Facebook post, Lowery shared photos from a March 12, 2021, workout, which shows she's still serious about making her fitness goals happen. She also regularly shares her meals for the day, and seems highly motivated to focus on workouts and a balanced diet.