What Is The Venus Star Point And What Does It Mean For Your Zodiac Sign?

Just days after the positive power of the spring equinox on March 20th, 2021, another major celestial event that will inspire forward motion, creative inspiration, and positive growth will take place. The Venus star point will take place on March 26th, at the beginning of the passionate season of Aries (via Vogue). Literally, the Venus star point simply means the moment when the Sun aligns with Venus, which happens only once every ten to twelve months. This will be the only time in 2021 that such an alignment occurs. This star point will inspire us to commit to a new path, whether in love, in our professional lives, spiritually, or otherwise.

The planet Venus is named for the Greek goddess of love, and when this conjunction between the Sun, the Earth, and Venus takes place, it represents that goddess of love appearing as an evening star. Her focus is on receiving what she desires most, knowing that she is worthy, that she is whole, and that she is tune with the universe (via We Mystic). Each time Venus aligns with the sun this way, she alternates between being visible as a morning star and an evening star. This year, you can see her in the evening (via New Jersey Digest). Because this takes place in early Aries, we are inspired to nurture our independence, our individual identities, and our dreams of creating the lives we imagine. How it will affect us more specifically will depend on our astrological signs. 

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer

Welcome to your season, Aries. During this celestial event, reaffirm the pieces of your identity you wish to help grow. Address your individual goals and focus on finding new strategies to achieve your dreams, while adhering closely to a value system you sincerely believe in (not one that has been foisted upon you), via We Mystic. Taurus, this is the day to take a look at old habits or beliefs that are slowing your progress. Tap into your higher intuition to empower yourself — you are not your fears, and they do not control your destiny. 

Gemini, this is an ideal time to focus on collaboration and connecting with others to reach higher goals. It's also a good time to use some of your energy toward activism or charity. Helping others fulfills you especially now, but don't lose sight of your own dreams. Cancer, identify what your professional goals are right now. Focus your energy on working toward those goals and the energy of the cosmos will help spur you along to beautiful and speedy results. 

Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio

Leo, your creative fires are burning bright! On the 26th, energies will be right for you to set your sights on your goals. The sky is truly the limit, so set your goals, start your work, but don't try to do it overnight! You are on the right path; let it all play out in its right time. Virgo, you might receive an unexpected windfall in the form of money or in the form of new closeness with your romantic partner around this time. Invest loving energy into your relationships and see it returned to you. 

Libra, your loving energy is reflected back to you at this time. The love you feel for yourself and for those close to you will radiate in everything around you. Relationships will flourish, and making sure to turn some of that love inward is essential, as it will radiate out into the world and reflect back on you. Scorpio, focus on your professional relationships at this time, and try to keep your cool when things get sticky. It will work out in your favor. Also, make sure to take time for self care — you can't show up for others if you aren't showing up for yourself first. 

Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces

Sagittarius, embrace your creativity at this time — new projects, new loves, and new opportunities are winking at you from all directions. Choose which align with your goals, and go for them! It is all within your reach right now. Capricorn, family is heavily on your mind right now, but the energy doesn't have to be heavy. Get in touch with your heart, honor and love those who have passed on, reconcile with your past, and find gratitude for the love you have. You would not be who or where you are without the pain and loss you have experienced. Move forward with pride. 

Aquarius, this is the time to quiet that doubtful inner voice. Don't be afraid of the things you have dared to dream, they are well within your reach. Focus your energy on positive forward motion, and leave doubt behind you. Pisces, your spiritual world and physical world intersect in a powerful way right now. Prosperity is yours both materially and spiritually if you can focus your energy upon aligning with it.