The Books We're Most Excited To Read In Spring 2021

Perhaps the best complement to a cool spring breeze is the company of a good book. Luckily, with so many new titles available, there are tons of great reads to check out. No matter if you're a fiction or nonfiction fan, spring's new books will definitely catch your eye and keep you entertained.

According to PureWow, Sarahland: Stories provides the light-hearted but meaningful escapism that keeps book lovers coming back for more. Sam Cohen uses people named Sarah all over the world as the muse for this witty, if unconventional, collection of stories. The outlet explains that the book covers identity, sexuality and many of the issues that 21st-century dwellers face from the lens of various people that share the name, Sarah. With some off-putting stories that will likely make you laugh and then cry, the book is a page-turner from start to finish. 

For novel lovers, there's always a new read on the horizon and this spring is no exception. The Memory Collectors by Kim Neville has caught the attention of various reviews, including Bustle's. The outlet reports that the novel follows a psychic who sells items that carry certain emotional vibrations and her eventual meeting with a customer of hers. The two traverse a precarious path that involves the reemergence of past patterns that threaten both of their lives. A novel that will inspire and excite, The Memory Collectors might be your latest addition to your self-care routine.

Spring is the perfect time to pick up a new book

Many nonfiction lovers enjoy a novel based on a true story and this spring certainly delivers. BookListQueen offers the novel, Band of Sisters, as a recommendation for your spring reading list. The novel is based on a true story of Smith's College female students who rallied around French citizens who were victimized by the First World War. The girls go to France after collecting money and supplies to help the country recover. Going straight to the front lines, their plans quickly go awry as they face the widespread devastation that ravages the nation. The novel offers an inspiring story that helps us remember the power of the human spirit.

As for historical fiction, the blog recommends The Lost Apothecary, a novel that chronicles a woman who sells poison to scorned females to give to their abusers. Set in 1791 London, Nella's accidental interaction with a 12-year-old customer lasts throughout the generations with ramifications that stem for centuries. The book fast forwards to the present day when a historian stumbles upon old reports of mysterious eighteenth-century murders. History, suspense and women's empowerment collide in this novel — with an entertaining result.

On the lighter end of the spectrum, A Boob's Life: How America's Obsession Shaped Me and You offers a delightful memoir of one woman's experience with growing up in a female body, PureWow offers. A combination of personal stories and macrocosmic outlooks on the women's rights movement, the book will make you laugh, break your heart and educate you at the same time.

Give your Netflix account a break and start off the season with a fresh read.