Here's What Sabrina Carpenter's Net Worth Really Is

Sabrina Carpenter has been in the eye of the spotlight lately. The drama between her, Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett has left fans on their toes, per BuzzFeed. But, Carpenter is more than just some gossip — she's an actress, singer, and songwriter who's been in the industry for over a decade.


Like so many other Disney stars, Carpenter also got her big break as a child actress. Her first role was a guest star in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, according to IMDb. Her next role didn't come until a decade later when she played "young Chloe" on The Goodwin Games, the outlet reported. But since "young Chloe," Carpenter has made numerous appearances in various TV shows and films.

In 2014, she starred as Maya Hart in the television series, Girl Meets World, according to IMDb. These acting appearances have contributed to other opportunities such as her voice role in Sofia the First and Milo's Murphy Law, the Celebrity Net Worth noted. Not to mention, actress is also a music artist who's released two albums, both of which reached the Billboard 200 Charts.


With so much experience in the entertainment industry, many fans are now wondering: just how much is this Disney star worth?

Sabrina Carpenter has big plans ahead

Sabrina Carpenter is worth $4 million, Celebrity Net Worth reports. But, is that really so surprising?

This singer, actor and songwriter can do just about anything, including produce films. Forbes reported that this singer launched a production company called At Last Productions in October 2020. The production company is producing its first show, a musical take on Alice in Wonderland, which Carpenter sold to Netflix for a seven-figure deal, the outlet reported. "I get to make the decisions and decide where my life gets to go," the star told Forbes at the time.


In addition to producing and starring in Alice in Wonderland, Carpenter is also working on her fifth album. With her music having over a billion streams, you can surely expect her next project to be just as good, if not more, than her previous albums.

Whether she's singing, acting, songwriting or producing, it's clear that Carpenter is making big moves that'll change Hollywood along the way. After all, she's simply working her way to one goal in mind: "[I'd be lying] if I didn't say I wanted an EGOT."