Here's What You Need To Know Before Using Amethyst

If you're curious about amethyst's possible healing properties, you would be surprised to learn that many alternative medicine practitioners use the deep purple crystal for enhanced wellbeing (via Healthline). While there are no scientifically-proven studies to back up the crystal's benefits, the quartz variant has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine and even in ancient Rome. Excited to put your amethyst crystal roller or gemstone necklace to the test? 

As the site outlines, many Ayurvedic medicine practitioners, crystal healers, reiki practitioners and holistic experts use amethyst crystals to complement their healing practice. Not limited to just the spiritual side of things, some practitioners cite amethysts as enhancing immune system function, improving the endocrine system, promoting digestion, reducing headaches, improving skin, and even hormone regulation. Try this out for yourself by placing an amethyst next to your diffuser, in your essential oil roller bottle, or directly in your hands while you meditate.

Healthy Line explains that the gemstone's possible physical benefits come from two natural processes: negative ion emission and far-infrared radiation. Amethysts emit negative ions when heated, which may speed up the body's removal of toxins. Meanwhile, the website also explains that far-infrared radiation can further intensify overall wellness. That being said, many choose to use the purple crystals for their emotional, spiritual, and energetic benefits.

Read on for all of the violet stone's potential benefits.

Here are the benefits of having amethyst in your life

Apart from its claimed physical healing effects, amethyst crystals have been known to have a powerful energetic effect. Healing With Crystals explains that amethyst is connected to the crown chakra, the energy field around our physical bodies that bring us closer to our higher self, promoting calmness, clarity, spiritual peace, better sleep, and enhanced intuition. 

Belief of the crystal's benefits have been around for thousands of years. In Greek mythology, a titan named Rhea gave Dionysus, the god of agriculture and wine, an amethyst stone to stabilize him. This later led the ancient Romans to believe amethyst could keep someone from getting drunk (via Healthline). We're not sure about that one, but it's worth a try!

Overall, crystal healers claim amethysts may promote serenity while also reducing anxiety. Many healers also describe how amethysts open a person's third eye chakra, which is the center of intuition and foresight (via Chakras Info). Linked to wisdom, the crystal is also known to enhance the ability to interpret dreams and sharpen spiritual awareness.

Some claim that amethyst's electromagnetic frequency may block negativity, so placing some around your home may be helpful. Although the gemstone's benefits are not scientifically proven, believing in their usefulness is half the battle – as many claim to see its positive effects, its important to complement amethyst usage with a healthy, balanced lifestyle.