The Best Crystals And Stones To Help You Celebrate The March 20 Spring Equinox

Saturday, March 20, 2021, marks the spring equinox, the very first day of Aries season and of the celestial new year. Not to mention all the planets are direct at this time (meaning nothing is retrograde), creating a bevy of positive, forward-moving energy. People celebrate and welcome the spring or vernal equinox in different ways, and those who observe spiritual practices at this time often do so with affirmations, by lighting candles or by setting up a seasonal altar at which to meditate or pray. An altar is a very personal thing, and anything that feels natural to include on it, is appropriate for you. Some suggest representing the elements that shift, like earth, air, and water (via The Secret Middle). One thing some may use to represent earth, or simply to help represent certain energies symbolized by the shifting into the spring season, is an array of crystals.


And while some people feel certain crystals and stones resonate most with them and prefer to use those always, there are also some that experts say are best to use specifically for ushering in the spring equinox. Here are some healing crystals and stones to consider incorporating into your heralding-of-spring spiritual practice.

Green aventurine represents new growth and wealth

Green aventurine, with its lovely name that implies adventure and newness represents new growth and manifestation of wealth and opportunity (via Cognitive Heights). It is the perfect stone to call forth rejuvination, and to help you focus on renewing affirmations and refocusing on positive goals. Sunstone is also perfect for celebrating the start of spring, as the sun is rising higher in our sky and is directly over the equator right now. This stone represents warmth, clarity, light, and service to ourselves and to others. 


Peridot is another stone the supports the energies of the vernal equinox. In ancient times, it was known as chrysolite and was considered sacred by early christians and it was believed to help signal an abundant spring season (via Crystal Life). Peridot represents joy and letting go of negative patterns that are blocking your higher path. Moss agate, another green-hued stone, has been associated with fertility and abundance for ages. It represents balanced emotions and fresh starts, supporting new goals and dreams. 

Ocean Jasper encourages peace and calm

Ocean Jasper is a stone that represents both earth and sea (via Cognitive Heights). Also known as the Atlantis stone, this crystal is said to help encourage peace and calm. It represents the ability to let go of anxiety-based perceptions and replacing them with clarity and a more peaceful, joyful mindset. Tree agate, also called the dendritic agate, represents stability and solidness, and It is an important crystal for anyone seeking help, therapy, medication and new beginnings. It inspires solidness and stability. You can use this crystal for growth affirmations.


Azurite represents transformation, creativity, intuition, and inner sight, making it an ideal stone to use during a spring spiritual practice (via Crystal Life). Similarly, celestite is said to help connect us with divine energies while also promoting calm and peace. Merlinite, named for the legendary wizard of the Aurthurian legends, Merlin, represents balance and harmony, neutralizing negative energies and promoting mindfulness and a belief in magic (via Cognitive Heights). And last, representing fertility and rebirth, ruby Zoisite is said to promote energy and reduce tiredness, encouraging growth and health on both a physical and spiritual level (via Crystal Life).