How To Use Mirrors For The Best Feng Shui

From plants to specific stones, feng shui home additions can either make or break the flow of your space. With so many rules, it's easy to confuse which item goes where. Luckily, mirrors offer a simple addition with big benefits. Most notably, The Spruce explains, mirrors can help brighten even the darkest of rooms — reflecting light and creating a widening effect in your space.

But, mirrors also help enhance different aspects of the home as well — if you know how to use them. The outlet suggests starting by finding an area or energy that you would like to enhance. So, if you have a perfectly curated gallery wall or cute corner that you love, consider placing a mirror across from it to amplify the ambiance of the space. The Spruce uses a career growth example by explaining that a strategically placed mirror in your office that reflects the trees outside can bring wood's energy into the room. Since wood represents growth and stability, it's definitely a good thing to have reflected in your work area.

An easy mirror placement involves your stove, which serves as a focal point for your financial health in traditional feng shui. By adding a reflective surface near the burners, you augment the energy of abundance — maybe even multiplying your opportunities for wealth. Simple, but powerful, this adjustment might impact your life sooner than you think.

For the best feng shui, set an intention with your mirror placement

As with most things in feng shui, the intention behind your mirror placement holds a lot of weight in what energies you compound. When you remember that, by reflecting an area of your home, you're increasing that energy in the space, it's easy to create a practice around it. My Domaine notes that it's best to set your intention before you hang your new wall decor — meaning that you consciously take a moment to think about what you want to create more of in your home and how it can actively reflect those aspects of your life. These intentions can be anything from opening your heart to more romantic experiences or attracting more lucrative business opportunities — you can do it all with a mirror!

The outlet also suggests using reflective surfaces to hang across from good views. So, if you have a garden of flowers outside of your bedroom window, try adding a mirror across from it to get that energy flowing throughout your space. If you notice a mirror in your home reflecting something not so pretty — like a garbage can or pile of mail — definitely reconsider its placement. Feng shui author, Laura Benko, notes, "Mirrors in feng shui are like aspirin. They're prescribed often to treat many ailments."

Furthermore, it's wise to add mirrors to the dining room and hallways to expand the energy in those spaces, the outlet contends. Just always keep an eye on what your mirror is focusing on. Even if you have an argument with your partner, it's best to move away from anything that might increase that energy in your home.