What Uncle Dale From OutDaughtered Does For A Living Today

Are you a fan of the Busby clan and Uncle Dale from OutDaughtered? The supersized extended family that lights up TLC includes Adam and Danielle Busby, their daughter Blayke and quintuplets Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley, and Parker, who live in a busy but fun-filled household in League City, Texas. The clan, who documents their lives for TLC's cameras, maintains a super-close relationship with their extended family members including Danielle's twin sisters Ashley Mowbray and Crystal Mills, their husbands Nick and Dale, and Michelle Theriot also known as Grandma Mimi.

Danielle's twin sisters and their spouses have appeared on the series, now in its eighth season. Ashley and Nick are a little more reserved so they tend to stay out of the spotlight. However, Crystal and Dale are a constant presence in the Busby home, and they join the family on many of their adventures and volunteer to babysit the girls so Adam and Danielle can enjoy a rare evening alone.

With his fun-loving attitude and big-kid ways, Dale Mills is one of the most beloved personalities on the show. But what does he do for a living today? Let's dig a little deeper and find out.

Dale Mills is the director of sales for a rental company

Dale works as the Director of Sales for Lance Rental Company in their pump division according to his LinkedIn page. Lance Rental Company services rents pump and filtration equipment. Dale has worked there since 2018.

Dale revealed during the third episode of the show's seventh season that his business had taken a big hit during the coronavirus pandemic (via CelebDirtyLaundry). He spoke candidly to his wife Crystal during an episode of OutDaughtered where he feared for livelihood as they shut down part of the refineries. He revealed to his wife that if you were not essential personnel, you cannot go in. He was quite worried moving forward that the pandemic would affect his ability to provide for his family.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the Busby clan close to home when Dale contracted the virus even after taking all the necessary safety precautions to protect his family. His positive test scare impacted not only his clan but his extended brood as well. Just days before learning he tested positive, Dale and Crystal watched the Busby girls for their first sleepover (via Instagram). Thankfully, Dale was the only positive test result in his family and remained at home for a two-week quarantine period before returning to work.

Uncle Dale was always a go-getter

Prior to his current job, Dale was employed for Sprint where he made his way up the corporate ladder as part of the communications company for over six years. Dale began working in the business area first, according to his LinkedIn page, and quickly rose in the ranks to become a Regional Sales Manager and finally, as the Director of Sales for the company. He also worked for the company NexGeneration Wireless and as a store manager at Sprint Nextel.

However, Dale wasn't always looking to rise up the ranks in the communications world.

His first job was of a more humble sort, as a server at a beloved local Louisiana restaurant named Casa Manana where he worked for over four years.

He has been honored by several of his past co-workers for his dedication to his employers on his LinkedIn page. Dale has been called an "honest and hard-working guy who was very professional and someone who you want in your corner when it counts." Another former co-worker said Dale was a "true professional and always comes through for his clients."

Surprisingly, Dale is also an ordained minister and his fun-loving personality was the likely reason his cousins Evan and Madeline asked him to officiate their wedding ceremony in March of this year. He said in a caption to an Instagram photo where he was seen as he presided over the event that his "comedy bit killed."

His most important jobs are husband, father, and uncle

Dale and Crystal share two children, son Bronson, and daughter McKenzie. He believes being a good father and husband is one of the most important things in life. He regularly shares snaps from his daughter and son's volleyball, baseball, and basketball games. He also posts his many adventures with Crystal, and of course, his hilarious and sweet interactions with Danielle and Adam's six daughters.

Dale and Crystal have been married for 13 years and reside in Texas. The two were introduced by Danielle when they were just 19-years-old. At the time, Dale was living with three of his friends in an apartment in the Lake Charles area of the state.

He revealed to Good Old Boys podcast host Buster Caballero that Crystal stuck by him even when he lived in a "party house" that had, according to his recollections, "no door on the stove, it was nasty, it was filth."

Crystal and Dale recently celebrated their 18th Valentine's Day together this past February with a very Dale-styled Instagram post where he replaced the faces in a video upload of Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler in the film The Wedding Singer with those of his and Crystal.

The family recently added a fifth member to their brood, a Goldendoodle named Kobe. In an Instagram post shared on January 5, he called their clan "Mills party of 5!" with the hashtags "this will be an adventure" and "we are excited."