The Truth About Taking Baths While Pregnant

There are a lot of dos and don'ts when it comes to pregnancy. Sometimes it can be hard to tell what facts are backed by science, and what is just superstition passed down from generations ago. You may have heard that taking a bath while pregnant can cause harm to your unborn baby, but, in actuality, that isn't the case.

While it's technically an old wives' tale, it does have a grain of truth. When you're pregnant, it's important to keep the body temperature below 101°F (via Healthline). Raising the body temperature any higher can be dangerous to your unborn baby. According to The Bump, a bath is generally pretty safe for pregnant women, since you're unlikely to overheat in a bathtub. This is due to the fact that your upper body isn't submerged in the hot water and the water will cool the longer you sit in the tub.

The dangers of rising temperature while pregnant

While a bath may be given a green light, the American Pregnancy Association warns against going into a hottub while pregnant. Given that it can be very difficult to regulate your body temperature while sitting in a hottub, this can be dangerous. According to the Mayo Clinic, studies show a higher risk of birth defects in the brain or spinal cord in babies of women who had increased body temperature levels while pregnant during their first trimester. If you can't steer clear of the hottub, it's recommended to limit your time to less than ten minutes to avoid a temperature increase.

Since sitting in a bath can be very soothing on a pregnant body, you don't have to part with it altogether. As long as you stay out of the sauna (via, you can really reap the benefits from a nice soak in the tub. Just be sure to avoid your favorite bubble bath soaps, bath bombs, or any special oils (via Healthline). While these items are usually a simple way to add some luxury to your bath, they're also an easy ticket to a possible yeast infection.

If you want to be extra cautious, you can use a bath thermometer to make sure the water isn't too hot before you get in (via The Bump). Make yourself a playlist of soothing songs or light your favorite scented candle. Bath time can still be luxurious without all the added risks.