The One Crystal You Need To Get If You're A Taurus

Ah, Taurus: as the zodiac's patient, reliable earth sign, you're known to be devoted to your passions, sure of your choices, and stubborn to a fault — no wonder you're represented by the bull. Most comfortable within nature or working with your hands, a Taurus loves to be physical and is notoriously committed to what they deem important. Therefore, life's unpredictability can be a lot for Taurus, so having a few crystals to offer a sense of stability and understanding might be just the thing you need to thrive (via Astrology Zodiac Signs).

If you're interested in healing crystals, there are a few in particular that will work well with a Taurus' uncompromising nature and slight insecurities. If change scares you, these crystals can help you breathe and accept the bumps along the way with a smile. Even if you're doubtful of gemstones' effects, many holistic healers around the world promote their possible benefits. As crystal expert Kristin Petrovich told Fab Fit Fun, "stones originate deep within the earth's crust," and if we begin to think about how humans "have a natural harmony with the earth, it begins to make sense."

Since crystals' energetic frequencies work with our own energy, it's best to find stones that can "work in tandem with one's personality while supporting any weaknesses or potential issues" (via Fab Fit Fun). For that reason, stones that counter a Taurus' fear of change or criticism will be best –- and the picks may surprise you.

The most effective crystals for Taurus

According to Fab Fit Fun, those born under the Taurus zodiac sign may benefit from three crystals in particular, each of which will bring balance to the notorious bull. Crystal healer Mazz Hanna told the outlet that this hard-headed, earthy sign needs stones that "keep them cool, calm, and grounded" to complement their nature. So which crystals work best? According to Hanna, the blue-green Amazonite is perfect. Explaining how "Amazonite helps calm the mind from unproductive thoughts," she notes that a Taurus may benefit from the stone's possible soothing properties, which balances energies and even allows them to see both sides of a problem (via Healing With Crystals).

Other crystals that may be extra helpful to Taurus? Hanna suggests the translucent white selenite, which is associated with purification, light, clearing, and positive energy (via Energy Muse). Hanna told Fab Fit Fun that the clear stone provides "clarity and positivity" to Taurus, known to find difficulty in life's complications and get bogged down by their own uncompromising nature. This stone may be what you need to guide you down an unexpected path or incite change in your life.

Speaking of changes, the last stone Hanna points to may be just what Taurus needs when dealing with an unexpected turn of events. Smoky quartz "detoxifies negative energy and promotes grounding," which is a Taurus' happy place. This crystal can help you move on from the past and be more comfortable with life's transitions.