This Is Why You Should Never Wear Shoes That Are Too Big

You find the most perfect pair of shoes, but sigh, they're not in your size. If you're a solid size 7 (and the shoes you're swooning over are an 8), you might be tempted to purchase them, anyway. You think, "I'll just stuff something into the toe area, and they'll fit, right?" Wrong. This is why you should never wear shoes that are too big.

Wearing a shoe size that's smaller than your natural foot is bound to make your feet feel cramped and uncomfortable. (Cue the crunched up toes, blisters, and Band-Aids.) So naturally, if you opt to go a size up, you imagine that your feet will revel in all the extra space. But wearing bigger shoes (even a simple size larger) can be damaging to your feet — and your safety.

For starters, you can still get blisters from wearing too-big shoes (via Your feet, in an attempt to get a grip on the shoes, might start to rub in all the wrong places, which can cause bleeding and blistering. Not worth it for a pair of pumps, really. Plus, a study found that wearing shoes that are not your size can also increase your chances of toe deformities such as hammer toe, corns, and calluses (via Verywell Health).

Here's what else can happen if you buy too-big shoes

But if you thought that too-tight shoes were uncomfortable, try wearing a pair that's a size or two too big. You could wind up with complications from metatarsalgia, an affliction in which the ball of your foot can become inflamed and painful (via the Mayo Clinic). It's caused by (you guessed it), shoes that are too small — or too big. Although it's generally not serious and is thankfully reversible, it requires you to ice and rest your feet, and naturally, sideline those shoes that aren't fitting you properly.

And then, there's the fall factor. If you're wearing what essentially comes to clown shoes, you're bound to take a tumble at some point. Because your shoe doesn't support your foot properly, your overall stability can be affected, causing you to trip and fall (via Everything Fashion). Even if you don't take a tumble, your overall gait will be compromised, causing you to put extra pressure on your calf muscles, and thus propelling you forward.

No matter how sensational a pair of shoes seem to be, if they're not the right size, then they're not right for you. Try to stick strictly to your size, and not only will you stay stylish, but your feet will thank you, too.