Taurus: Traits, Dating, Friendships And More Explained

Every astrological sign has its positives and its negatives. And if you happen to be born under the sign of Taurus, then you probably already know some of the bigger-picture parts of your zodiac sign (like your innate sense of stability and your stubbornness). But there are several more nuanced traits and habits associated with being a Taurus that you might not know about. 

Of all the astrological signs, Taurus (born April 19 to May 20) is considered to be the anchor of the zodiac (via Horoscope.com). Chalk it up to this Earth sign's ability to be smart, reliable, and trustworthy; Taurus is one of the most grounded, down-to-earth signs (see what we did there?). Taurus is also known for seeking out meaning and depth in all of its relationships, so if a bull loves you, you'll have a friend (or partner) for life.

When it comes to work, you definitely want a Taurus on your team. They pride themselves on doing a good job, and never shy away from a daunting task (via Elite Daily). In fact, them seem to find a boundless reserve of energy and motivation when they come up against a challenge they want to overcome or a goal they want to achieve. 

In their home life, they are very in-tune with the physical world and do like things organized or decorated just so. They are committed to creating a home and space that truly represents themselves, their lifestyles, and their own comfort (via Costar Astrology).  

Despite their positive traits, Taurus can be a tough sign to handle

For all their best characteristics, Taurus has some tough ones, too. For starters, Taurus is an extremely stubborn sign. Once they get something stuck in their head, it's hard to get it out (via YourTango). For someone to get a Taurus to change their mind, they likely have to literally "take the bull by the horns" and nearly force them to see things from another perspective.  

Additionally, since Taurus likes comfort (and is fearful of change), they can get stuck in a toxic relationship or a toxic workplace easily, thanks to that blinding loyalty of theirs. They're also easily possessive of those they love, which can be attributed to their not-so-subtle jealous streak (via Elite Daily).

Taurus is known for loving the finer things in life, and material possessions are what a Taurus strives for. But at some point, they can become a little too self-indulgent and want to have beautiful things around them at all times (via Astrology.Care), which isn't always realistic or healthy. 

Taurus' best and worst characteristics appear to be two sides of the same coin. As a Taurus, you know that you might be stubborn and headstrong, but you're also insanely loving, honest, and are an excellent partner, too. 

What it's like to be in a relationship with a Taurus

Speaking of partnership with a Taurus, it's worth knowing that Taurus is super passionate (via Bustle). Because they are so grounded in the physical world, Taurus is highly sensual, and loves being touched — and touching back. But because it's a fixed sign, Taurus isn't one to play the field. In fact, Taurus makes an excellent partner because of their innate desire for stability and focus on long-term relationships. And while it might take a little longer for a Taurus to fall in love, once they do, it's for life.

A Taurus is likely to pay attention to even the smallest things about their partner, from the way they part their hair to the way they take their coffee. They are attentive and caring, and you can always count on them to hold your hand or give you a hug (via Bustle). Taurus can, however, get pretty set in their ways once they become comfortable in a relationship, and so you might notice that your Taurus partner is always taking you to the same restaurant at the same time on Friday nights. This doesn't mean they don't care, it's just that they like routines that they know work. 

As we mentioned earlier, Taurus can occasionally become possessive or jealous, which is the less-great side of the passionate/earthly coin. Be sure to set clear boundaries from the start about what will and will not be tolerated in this regard.  

What it's like to be friends with a Taurus

While saying "friends forever" might feel very middle school, where it comes to being friends with a Taurus, it's quite literal and quite real (via Horoscope). It might take a long time to get into a Taurus's inner circle, as they take trust and loyalty very seriously, but once you do, you're there for life. A Taurus is not only a caring, loyal, and loving friend, but they are reliable in every meaningful way, from being able to ground you in a tough time to remembering your birthday and other important dates.

If a Taurus loves you, they will never shy away from showing it. They'll congratulate you on accomplishments, always find something about you to celebrate, and shower you with love. They are loyal and trustworthy friends. In order to stay in their good graces, simply be yourself and be honest. They are very perceptive and have little patience for lies or deception of any kind. Be loyal and honest with them, and you can be assured that will always be returned to you in kind. 

Taurus also has a witty, fun side that can keep you entertained and laughing, and while they do like their routines, they are happy to go with you if you want to show them something you love to do.   


Careers best suited to a Taurus

Because Taurus is so grounded, logical, dedicate, and thorough, they make truly excellent managers and high-level overseers (via Monster). Even in high-stress, fast-paced environments, they remain composed, on-top-of-things, and organized. As such, they do an incredible job managing restaurants or bars, and manage to be hospitable and welcoming while still now allowing nonsense or shenanigans to get out of hand. They would also do well as bankers, chefs, or artists that deal a lot in the physical world, like makeup artists or photographers. 

They thrive best in an environment that trusts them to use their clear judgement, level heads, and logical planning to make the bigger picture the clearest and most successful it can be. They will not enjoy jobs that belittle their skills or that create chaotic environments they aren't allowed to take control of. It's one thing for them to come into a crazy environment and have the authority to manage it and help it run smoothly, and an entirely separate thing to be dragged powerlessly into the chaos. 

Who are some famous Taureans?

Several celebrities were born under the sign of Taurus, and once you learn who they are, it will probably make sense how their warmth, charisma, and steadfastness earned them their careers (via Insider). Famous models Miranda Kerr and Gigi Hadid are both Tauruses, as are powerhouse singers Barbara Streisand and Kelly Clarkson. Actors Renee Zellweger and Channing Tatum are both bulls, and phenomenal performers Lizzo and Jerry Seinfeld were also born under this sign. 

Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, is a Taurus, as is decades-famous country artist Tim McGraw. Even celebs who got their start as professional wrestlers, including The Rock and John Cena were born under the sign of the bull. 

Rounding out this list are stars with incredible staying power in their respective industries like Adele, George Clooney, and David Beckham. Indeed it seems as loyal as Tauruses are, their fans are equally as loyal, and for life.