Where Does Your Cupid's Bow Really Come From?

You probably see the cupid's bow on your top lip right under your nose every day. It's perhaps something you barely even notice when looking in the mirror unless you're putting on lip balm or lipstick or specifically checking out your lips. The facial feature was named for the shape of the bow that a cupid carries (via Timeline). Yours might be well-defined, or it could be nearly flat. The feature is part of your philtrum (via Mental Floss). It's used to make a wide range of expressions and so can be helpful with non-verbal communication (via Healthline). The unique shape is likely a relic of human development, and it doesn't matter much to your health, whether yours is pronounced or nearly flat. 

As Healthline points out, details on the cupid's bow and its usefulness are anecdotal because no research proves its function regarding health or well-being. Throughout history, and across many cultures, the heart-shaped lips have detailed various fashion and even political choices, symbolizing things like coquettishness, innocence, sex, and empowerment, depending on the era (via Timeline).

Here are a few ways to change your cupid's bow

Timeline noted that the groove atop your lips is among the most versatile regions on your face. You might find yourself accenting it with lipstick or lip gloss to make it appear more pronounced. Some people even choose to have a lip-lift procedure to give them a more pronounced philtrum, per Healthline. The outlet also revealed that while a lip ring might be a popular piercing around the mouth, some enthusiasts choose to get a cupid's bow piercing called the Medusa piercing. The piercing goes directly onto the philtrum between the high points of the cupid's bow, and it takes about six to 12 weeks to heal fully. 

Occasionally, when you add lip fillers to create a puffier pout, it could flatten out the cupid's bow (via Healthline), but you could also accent it with lipstick if you choose. Sometimes even a big smile could stretch your philtrum flat momentarily (via Natural Wellness). So, you have ways to alter the look for your cupid's bow. And, of course, not everyone has a cupid's bow at all, but lip makeup can create the illusion that you do.