The Best Glasses For Your Face Shape

Looking for the perfect pair of glasses to flatter you and help you see better? Your first task is to determine your face shape. According to Today, the top six face shapes are: square, round, oval, rectangular, diamond, and heart. Celebrity makeup artist and Maybelline brand ambassador Vincent Oquendo says that determining your face shape is easy. "The face shape is broken down into three parts. The forehead and cheekbone width, the jawline and the face length. To identify your face shape ask yourself, what is the widest part of my face? Is it my cheekbones? You probably have a round face. Is it my forehead? You probably have an oval face," he told Today. "A strong jawline usually means you have a square or rectangle face shape. If your jawline comes to a point then you have a heart-shaped face." 

Now that you know where to start, select glasses that highlight your best features to flatter your face shape.

Finding the best glasses for your face shape

Celebrity stylist Ross McCallum recommends those with square faces soften those angular lines with curved thin frames, such as the classic cat-eye (via Allure). This is also a flattering frame for round faces, but McCallum cautions that fuller faces should look for thicker frames that are clear to keep your beauty from being upstaged and to allow your eyes to be the focal point (via Allure).

In contrast, oval face shapes — being both long and rounded — have more options. McCallum believes any frames would prove flattering. "Round or aviator-style frames complement oval faces as they're slightly wider than the broadest part of your face and bring all your features to the forefront" (via Allure). This flexibility should be welcome to those with rectangular faces, which are a hybrid of the oval and square categories (via Today), allowing people with this face shape the luxury of choosing the ideal frames for either group.

Diamond-shaped faces, also referred to as triangular, are wide at the bottom and narrow at the top, so D-frames or aviators are recommended to accentuate the brow and lengthen the forehead (via Coastal). On the other hand, those with heart-shaped faces have the opposite problem as they tend to have long faces with pointed chins and wider brows, which actually work best with rectangular or bottom-heavy glasses. "Look for frames that are a bit wider than your forehead, as they usually suit you better," McCallum advises (via Allure).