The One Thing Dollar Tree Employees Want You To Stop Doing

Shopping at Dollar Tree can be a highly rewarding experience. You get so much, for so much less. And, you never know what deals you may come across. But did you ever stop to think about how your shopping habits at the popular discount retailer may be irritating Dollar Tree employees?

First of all, consider that working at Dollar Tree may not be perk-filled as it is, with Reader's Digest reporting employees do not receive a discount to shop there. They are also expected to master various responsibilities around the store.

Employees at Dollar Tree deal with all sorts of annoying customer habits, just like any other retail worker, like not putting things back where they belong, and rudeness. Customers show up at closing time, and when an item fails to scan, they will joke that it must be free (via BuzzFeed).

Another thing some Dollar Tree employees hate is when collectors come into the store. "We get a lot of the infamous 'Hot Wheels Hunters,'" a store worker named Nate told Mental Floss, adding, "I guess they scour the internet and find out when stores are getting shipments. I've had people show up a day after my 2000-piece truck [arrives] and demand I go find the one box of Hot Wheels I got so they can be the first to buy them."

The worst customer behavior according to Dollar Tree employees

On GlassDoor, an employee notes bad pay and rude customers top the list of cons of working at Dollar Tree. Another part-time worker said a customer with an attitude is their least favorite thing about the job. Indeed, it seems rudeness was a complaint of several part-time employees. Bottom line — if everyone treated Dollar Tree employees with respect, would make their jobs a lot easier.

The good news is that even if a Dollar Tree employee has had it up to here with a particular customer, most shopping trips to the store are not very long according to Mental Floss, which notes people have a "get in and get out" approach to shopping most dollar discounters.

Of course, the absolute worst aspect of working at Dollar Tree, besides perhaps the pay, is dealing with customers who have criminal behavior on their agenda. NBC News reports shoplifters, and worse, armed robbers, are running rampant at dollar discounters.