Here's What You Need To Know Before Using Neem Oil

To get clear, acne-free skin, you must try a host of different products. Sometimes the solution for clearing your skin isn't always in a bottle sold at Sephora, but rather in more natural ingredients such as neem oil. According to Healthline, neem oil is a natural product cultivated from the seed of the tropical neem tree and is known as a folk remedy around the world.

The benefits of neem oil are endless. Per Healthline, neem oil contains various ingredients including fatty acids, vitamin E, and calcium that are helpful for the skin. These ingredients, the outlet reported, can treat acne, heal wounds, stimulate collagen production, and more.

The Zoe Report also said that neem oil works for any skin type, adding that this natural skincare product treats everything from inflammation to dry skin. "It reduces acne, controls irregular pigmentation, and improves the complexion," Dr. Tanuj Nakra, a board-certified doctor, told The Zoe Report. Additionally, neem oil not only treats regular acne, but also various skin disorders including psoriasis and eczema, Healthline reported.

How to use neem oil

The benefits of neem oil only work if you have organic, 100% pure, cold-pressed neem oil, Healthline reported. However, dilution with other natural products (think sesame, jojoba, or almond oils) can still provide benefits too, according to The Zoe Report.

Once you have your neem oil, try a spot test first to ensure you're not allergic. Healthline recommends patch testing and waiting 24 hours before making it a part of your daily routine, to see if any allergic reactions develop. If you're in the clear, the outlet recommends using undiluted oil on acne spots or affected areas. Additionally, since the benefits of neem oil are endless, it's important to know that a little goes a long way, meaning you don't need to slather the entire bottle on your skin, but rather a few drops, per The Zoe Report.

The only downside to neem oil is its scent. The Zoe Report revealed that neem oil is a bit stinky. "Neem oil has a strong, garlic-like odor, so it should be avoided before social events," Dr. Aanand Geria, a board-certified dermatologist, tells the outlet.

Now that you know the benefits of neem oil and how to use it, you're ready to add this natural product into your skincare routine. Just consider using it as part of your nighttime skincare routine instead of in the morning, so you're not carrying the scent with you all day. Glowing skin is not worth smelling like garlic!