Welcome To Plathville: Will Moriah's Boyfriend Max Be In Season 3?

The sophomore season of Welcome to Plathville was more drama-filled than anybody anticipated. The central, hyper-religious family splintered into three separate entities — eldest son Ethan and wife Olivia are now completely estranged from his controlling parents; parents Kim and Barry; and teenagers Micah and Moriah branched out on their own for the very first time. Over the course of an entertaining season, tattoos were acquired, shots were fired, and surprising allegiances were made. 

Micah and Moriah unsurprisingly showcased the most growth during season 2. He pursued modeling and dating, while she worked three jobs and struggled to navigate a blossoming relationship with sweet college student, Max. The young couple initially broke up because the Welcome to Plathville star wasn't ready for a boyfriend, but they have since reconciled, judging by cute Instagram posts from both parties. The big question remains for fans, though — will Max be appearing on season 3?

Max dropped a hint about returning to Welcome to Plathville

In January, Moriah Plath posted a slideshow of the couple's sweetest moments to Instagram, noting, "You made 2020 worth it! Every part of it. I love you @maxkall2.0!" The happy pair subsequently shared gushing Valentine's Day dedications to each other, with Moriah describing being with Max as "heaven" (via Instagram), while the model and marketer echoed her sentiments by gushing about the "wild ride" they've had thus far (via Instagram). Clearly, they're doing really well, which suggests Max will be a key factor when the Plaths' reality show returns. Although TLC hasn't officially confirmed whether Welcome to Plathville has been renewed for a third season (per Screen Rant), fans are pestering the various stars on social media. 

Max recently responded to a fan requesting more info on Instagram with the tantalizing "working on it." Although it's not much to go on, the comment at the very least suggests something is in the works and that Max is a part of it, too. Either filming has already begun or they're getting ready to start soon. The first two seasons dropped in November, so Welcome to Plathville could be back in November 2021, according to TV Shows Ace. Since season 2 wrapped, Micah and Moriah are still living independently from their parents, so it stands to reason that Max could easily be a major feature when the show returns.