Inside The Relationship Of Deelishis And Raymond Santana

It's no secret we're loving VH1's Couples Retreat, so ahead of its next episode, airing April 5, we're taking a deep dive into cast members Deelishis and Raymond Santana's relationship. Lovebirds Deelishis and Raymond are no strangers to media frenzy. On Couples Retreat, the pair takes part in a week-long vacation, revealing their marital issues while they spill all their raw truths (via Variety).

Raymond Santana is a part of the exonerated "Central Park 5" who were falsely accused of raping a woman in New York City's Central Park in 1992. Exonerated in 2002 and having received a $40 million settlement, Santana has since collaborated on Netflix's When They See Us, based on the tragic ordeal, and is living life to the fullest (via People). Showing off all the details of his luxe life on Instagram, Santana regularly promotes his clothing line, Park Madison NYC, inspired by his youth (via the Innocence Project). Although it seemed like the New Yorker finally had it all, everything changed when he met Deelishis in 2019.

Flavor of Love alum Deelishis is best-known for winning Season 2 of the VH1 show with Flavor Flav, chosen over Tiffany "New York" Pollard in a rivalry for the ages (via People). Soon breaking up with Flavor Flav, and amassing three million plus Instagram followers, the television star appeared on reality shows like Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Becoming an influencer in her own right, she had independence — but love wouldn't come until she met Santana.

All about their rocky start

In an interview with Atlanta's V-103 radio, Deelishis and Raymond gave all the details on their romance (via MadameNoire). The biggest surprise of all? Raymond was initially the one to friend-zone Deelishis. The pair talked about how they met at an event hosted by Real Housewives of Atlanta couple Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker, with Deelishis describing how "excited" she was to meet one of the exonerated five. The Flavor of Love star said their first hug felt "different," followed by Santana following her on Instagram and liking her pictures.

Deelishis took initiative and DMed Santana, saying, "You like another picture, you gon owe me lunch." However, she was "put in the friend zone for about two months" (via MadameNoire). Raymond explains he was "so busy" at the time promoting the Netflix show, so Deelishis started dating someone else. But Santana hadn't forgotten about the reality star, so he showed up at one of Deelishis's events. Telling her, "I'm really interested and if this is what your world consists of, let me find out a little bit about it" (via MadameNoire). The rest was!

Two months later, in Dec. of 2019, Raymond proposed to Deelishis during a lunch date in Atlanta (via TMZ). Married in June of 2020, the pair hosted a star-studded Georgia bash, celebrating with friends, family, and their children from past relationships. Although their conversations on Couples Retreat show there's no such thing as happily ever after, they're working at it to make sure they last.