Where You've Seen The Actors Of The Bold Type Before

When The Bold Type first hit our screens in 2017, it quickly picked up plenty of fans and rave reviews. The show features a trio of 20-something women as they try to work their way up through the ranks of Scarlet magazine, a Cosmopolitan-esque glossy mag. With a combination of millennial storylines and larger-than-life office romances and career triumphs, it gives viewers the perfect cocktail of woke issues mixed with sugary escapism. As one reviewer wrote for The New Yorker, "It's fun to hold the show at arm's length when it's comically improbable, and it can be unexpectedly affecting when it veers toward the real."

If you're anything like us, you cannot get enough of the trials and tribulations of Jane, Sutton, and Kat. At this rate, you probably feel like they're your real-life friends. But we bet you don't know that much about the actors who play them. Curious to find out why they look so familiar? Here's where you've seen the fabulous cast of The Bold Type before.

You may remember The Bold Type's Katie Stevens, aka Jane Sloan, from American Idol

On The Bold Type, Katie Stevens stars as Jane Sloan or "Tiny Jane" as her friends fondly call her. Jane begins the series graduating from assistant to staff writer at Scarlet. Known for her somewhat prudish nature and her dedication to her work, she comes across as super sweet and dependable. It turns out, Stevens actually found fame for her voice rather than her acting chops. Back in 2010, when she was just 16, she appeared on American Idol. In an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she revealed that Kimmel had picked her to win. In the end, Stevens came in eighth. No wonder Stevens performed a few songs on The Bold Type!

For Stevens, American Idol didn't exactly kick-start her career. "I think I was the person that was the most forgettable. And so I kind of disappeared, which was hard because it made me feel like nothing was ever gonna happen for me," she told Insider. After working at a bakery, Stevens got her second big break with the starring role of Karma on the MTV show Faking It.

The Bold Type's Aisha Dee, aka Kat Edison, once starred in the Australian show The Saddle Club

The Bold Type's indomitable social media director of Scarlet, aka Kat Edison, is played by Aisha Dee. You'd never know it from the show, but Dee is actually Australian. You may remember Dee from her very first job. As she told The Guardian, she was just 14 when she was cast as Desiree on the Australian kids' show The Saddle Club. "I had no experience as an actor," Dee said, "and that was my first audition." Apparently, she and her co-stars from the '90s show are still close friends.

In 2009, Dee moved to Los Angeles. "I love being on set so much and wanted so badly to be there," she explained to The Guardian. "As much as I'd been super-lucky, my gut was telling me to make the move and the pieces fell into place." After the move, Dee began to land some significant roles. In Chasing Life, Dee played Beth, a friend of April who was diagnosed with leukemia. In Sweet/Vicious, she took on another serious role. One thing's for sure — Dee's sure to impress us with whatever comes next!

Meghann Fahy, aka Sutton Brady, appeared on Broadway and TV before The Bold Type

Meghann Fahy plays the fashion assistant and later designer Sutton Brady on The Bold Type. While she may not look that familiar to some fans, she's actually appeared on Broadway and in quite a few TV shows over the years, including a famous soap opera.

As she told J-14, after high school, Fahy moved to New York and starred in the Broadway musical Next to Normal as the understudy for Natalie. She eventually took over the role.

However, after Next to Normal, Fahy realized that theater wasn't the right path for her. "I auditioned for a bunch of musicals, but found that I didn't really feel like I fit in," she said. Instead, she ended up on the soap opera One Life to Live. She was initially booked for a couple of episodes, but ended up doing 81.

When The Bold Type finally came along, it was a dream come true. "I had a rough go of it just before I started this show," she said. "I'm really grateful for that time, because it makes me really appreciative of just every single day waking up and getting to do something that I love."

The Bold Type's Melora Hardin, aka Jacqueline Carlyle, is a familiar face on TV

On The Bold Type, Melora Hardin plays the completely amazing editor-in-chief of Scarlet magazine, Jacqueline Carlyle. She is the dream mentor and boss for the trio of friends and, as far as we're concerned, one of the show's best characters. Hardin plays Jacqueline to perfection — which is no surprise considering all of her experience!

You may recognize Hardin from one of her roles in Matlock; Murder, She Wrote; Magnum; NCIS; CSI: Miami; Friends; Transparent; or The Office. That's right — she's appeared in just about every major TV show you can think of. In The Office, Hardin took on one of her biggest roles to date as Jan Levinson, the corporate boss. "I always liked Jan," she told The Ringer. In many ways, Jan was a real precursor to Jacqueline. As the interviewer said, "I'm kind of into this idea that Jacqueline is secretly Jan," to which Hardin replied, "If it were true, it would be hilarious."

She also made waves in Transparent as Tammy, a role which earned her an Emmy. As Hardin told Awards Daily, she played an alcoholic lesbian — a far cry from Jacqueline!

You may remember The Bold Type's Sam Page, aka Richard Hunter, from popular Hallmark movies

Sam Page plays the dreamy Richard Hunter on The Bold Type. Richard is the super sweet lawyer and firm partner who begins a scandalous, secret affair with Sutton. Eventually, the pair get married, fulfilling every fan's romantic wishes. Page is definitely pretty good at playing a swoon-worthy romantic lead — which makes sense considering the fact that he's just one of the many actors who have pretty much made a career out of acting in a series of Hallmark movies.

In The Story of Us, he played Jamie, an architect whose project threatens his ex-girlfriend's small bookstore. In Royal New Year's Eve, he played a Prince who falls for a designer. He also took on leading roles in the Perfect Christmas Present, All Things Valentine, and Walking the Dog. Basically, Page is the ultimate rom-com leading man. For Page, The Bold Type was the perfect opportunity to explore the more complicated side of relationships. "Hopefully we have a really long run and we can explore all the facets of a very meaningful, but difficult, in a practical sense, relationship," he told TV Goodness.

Matt Ward, aka Alex Crawford, appeared in TV movies before his big break in The Bold Type

On The Bold Type, Matt Ward plays the sweet Alex Crawford, one of the only male writers at Scarlet. He has a brief fling with Sutton and later becomes Jane's housemate. Prior to The Bold Type, Ward didn't have too many big credits to his name. He played Byron in the show Upload, which also starred Robbie Amelia. Before that, he appeared in quite a few made-for-TV movies. These included Hallmark's Just the Way You Are, UP's Guess Who's Coming to Christmas, the Billy Ray Cyrus movie Christmas Comes Home to Canaan, and the 2009 Lucy Hale flick Sorority Wars (via IMDb). Chances are, if you enjoy a good TV movie, you might recognize him.

Ward's role on The Bold Type was a bit of a departure for him — especially when it comes to fashion. "I'm not a huge fashionista," Ward told DivaGalsDaily. When it comes to fashion, he and his "dapper" character couldn't be more different. "We are diametrically opposed," he said.

Stephen Conrad Moore, aka Oliver Grayson, did theater before The Bold Type

Stephen Conrad Moore plays Oliver Grayson, the head of the fashion department and Sutton's demanding but kind-hearted boss, on The Bold Type. Prior to his work on The Bold Type, Moore only had a few guest roles on his resume. He appeared as an FBI agent in Elementary, and he also appeared in The Good Fight, The Path, Chicago P.D., and Empire (via IMDb).

His theater credits, however, are a little more extensive. As his Freeform biography states, he studied acting at the prestigious Yale School of Drama. He went on to perform at a range of regional theaters and a few theaters in New York. "As an artist," his bio reads, "he is committed to empowering others through the representation of stories that are not often told and is an advocate for increased visibility of people from a diverse pool of colors, ages, sexual identities and walks of life." Now that's a message we can get behind!

The Bold Type's Adam Capriolo, aka Andrew, appeared in Brad's Status and a few short films

Adam Capriolo plays the neurotic assistant to Jacqueline Andrew on The Bold Type. So far, Capriolo hasn't had too many big roles. He's worked on several short films and has appeared in TV shows like A Stranger in My Home and 19-2. His biggest project, aside from The Bold Type, was probably playing Chris in Brad's Status alongside the likes of Ben Stiller, Jenna Fisher, Michael Sheen, Luke Wilson, and Jermaine Clement (via IMDb). According to his resume, he's also appeared in more than a dozen theatrical productions.

By the sounds of things, getting the role of Andrew was an unexpected dream come true for the young actor. "When I was cast I had one line and I had no name and I didn't know if I was going to be in more than one episode," he told Beautiful Ballad in 2020. "So, the fact that we're four seasons in and the writers keep giving me so many more opportunities and the cast is so great, it's really beyond what I could have imagined."

The Bold Type's Dan Jeannotte, aka Ryan, also appeared in The Good Witch and Reign

On The Bold Type, Dan Jeannotte stars as Ryan, Jane's on-again off-again boyfriend, also known as simply "Pinstripe." Jeannotte probably looks pretty familiar. Prior to The Bold Type, he starred in the TV series Reign as James Stuart, illegitimate brother to Mary, Queen of Scots. He also starred in the Hallmark series Good Witch as Brandon Russell.

For Jeannotte, all of his varying roles help him to grow as an actor. As he told SpoilerTV, "I'm always hoping to find roles and projects that will push me in a new direction. That it will either be a different kind of character for me to play, or offer me a different sort of filming experience, or introduce me to a different audience." He went on to explain that his role on The Bold Type felt like a nice, lighter contrast to his much darker role on Reign. We can't wait to see what direction he chooses next!

The Bold Type's Stephanie Costa, aka Sage Aiello, is a Canadian actress with a few film credits

Stephanie Costa plays Sage Aiello, one of the Scarlet writers, on The Bold Type. Before the show, Costa worked primarily in Canada. According to her resume, she trained at Dawson College and the Canadian Film Center and did plenty of theater work in her early career. You may recognize Costa from some of her film and TV credits. She appeared in the Felicity Jones movie On the Basis of Sex in 2018 and on the show 19-2 in a guest role.

It sounds like Costa loves her role. Describing it in Season 4 of the show, she told MEAWW, "Sage, ever the sex column rock star, continues on her crusade to liberate ladies everywhere and encourage us to be in tune with our bodies and our desires while throwing in a horoscope chart or sex position quiz for fun." She added, "As always, she remains a sounding board for her fellow writer and desk buddy Alex, and a source of comic relief, peppering the Scarlet bullpen with wisecracks and pithy one-liners." We have to say — the Scarlet team would not be the same without her.

The Bold Type's Nikohl Boosheri, aka Adena El Amin, transitioned to film

Nikohl Boosheri plays Kat's first girlfriend Adena on The Bold Type. The Canadian actress got her big break in the 2011 film Circumstance. As she told Issue, "I'd never auditioned for film or television before, I was in theater and an agent had seen me in a play and the first audition I had was for Circumstance." The movie, which was entirely in Farsi, premiered at Sundance to rave reviews. As Boosheri told The Source, "I worked a whole year on my accent."

After her big film break, Boosheri acted in several indie films before landing a role on the Amazon series Altered Carbon. On the show, she played Chief Justice of Bay City Nalan Ertekin. The Bold Type was just another step in her promising career. As Glamour noted in 2018, "Thanks to her tactful treatment of the character ... [she has become] one of THE break-out young actresses of the moment." We're sure we'll see her in many more exciting projects soon.

Peter Vack, aka The Bold Type's Patrick Duchand, has starred in and directed films

You probably remember Peter Vack as Patrick, the young new-age tech pro who comes to Scarlet to take over the "dot com" on The Bold Type. Vack may be best known for starring opposite Anna Kendrick in PVT Chat, a show which contained some shockingly explicit scenes. As Vack told Evening Express, the scenes didn't really bother him. "I've got pretty used to having no modesty ... it's a very weird, American thing to be so freaked out by nudity," he said. Sounds like Vack is a little similar to his character on The Bold Type in real life! 

Additionally, he's known for his role in Mozart in the Jungle, which saw him playing a ballet student at Julliard. As he told Interview, "It's cool to get to play a character who is young and living in the city and ... knows what he's going to do."

Vack is also known for directing A**holes, the "most disgusting movie ever." The movie, as he explained to IndieWire, is about two people with a pretty gross habit. Sounds like Vack will continue to make headlines with his work!

Alexis Floyd, aka Tia Clayton on The Bold Type, is also a musical theater actress

Alexis Floyd stars on The Bold Type as Tia Clayton, a young woman who becomes Kat's campaign manager when she runs as a councilor. The pair begin a relationship until Adena comes back and Kat ends things. Chances are, you may not have seen Floyd before. As Broadway World reported, The Bold Type was her first professional TV role.

Floyd's biggest role prior to the show was in the off-Broadway musical Single Rider. According to her biography on the Single Rider, she completed an M.F.A. in musical theater at Carnegie Mellon University. She also appeared in plenty of other musicals at regional theaters. Her roles included Romeo and Juliet and Freedom Writers. Apparently, she's also been busy creating her own original music which can be streamed online. We're impressed! We can't wait to see if she branches into more TV roles soon.

The Bold Type's Gildart Jackson, aka Ian Carlyle, is best known as the voice of Gideon on Charmed

Gildart Jackson plays Jacqueline's husband, Ian Carlyle, on The Bold Type. In the fourth season, the marriage gets a little rocky as their careers get in the way. While you may not recognize his face, you may find his voice pretty familiar. It turns out, Jackson is best-known as the voice of Gideon on Charmed. He has also appeared in shows like Hellsing Ultimate and Stargate: Atlantis, as well as films such as Leave No Trace.

Another fun fact about Jackson — he's the real-life husband of Melora Hardin, who also plays his wife on the show. Understandably, this made filming the marriage fall apart in Season 4 pretty tough. "It was horrible," he told MEAWW. "I would read about what Jacqueline and Ian were doing [in the script] and because we're so close ... [in real life], I was like, 'Don't do that. No, that's the wrong thing to be doing.'" Sounds like playing a fictional husband and wife isn't as easy as it sounds!