Leo Traits, Dating, Friendships, And More Explained

People born under the astrological sign of Leo, the lion, are true examples of fire signs. Born between July 23 and August 22, their ruling planetary body is the sun, which makes perfect sense for these sensational summer babies (via Cosmopolitan). As Women's Health explains, fire represents passion, warmth, idealism, impatience, and inspiration. As such, Leos are deeply in touch with the "emotional intensities" within them. Like true big cats, they purr loudly when happy and roar when displeased. It's unlikely anyone would ever describe a Leo as soft-spoken, yielding, or buttoned up. 

Leo's best characteristics

Those born under the Leo zodiac sign aren't afraid to throw themselves headlong into any endeavor that interests them. They are impassioned about their goals and interests, and can easily inspire others around them to get involved. They are born leaders and doers, and their powerful confidence and enthusiasm can easily persuade others to fall in line behind them, whether on a professional project or a group bike ride. 

They wear their hearts on their sleeves, and their passionate natures can be absolutely magnetic. Their personalities are big, and so are their hearts. Leos also make passionate partners, and yes, they expect to be treated like kings and queens. But when they feel appreciated and seen, they can be the biggest cheerleaders in their partners' lives and will invest equally passionate energy into their better halves.

Worst characteristics of a Leo

While all of this drive and center-of-attention energy has many perks, Leos — like all zodiac signs — have downsides, too. As Cosmopolitan notes, "There is no second fiddle for Leo, or any justifiable obstacle as to why they shouldn't have exactly what they want, when they want it." In other words, Leos can feel entitled and impatient, and can therefore sometimes make unreasonable demands on people in their lives or become deeply despondent or surprisingly angry over what might seem small slights or minor disappointments. If Leos feel disrespected, ignored, or written off, they can let that fiery temper get the better of them and become very petty very fast, sometimes burning bridges they regret burning once they've had a moment to cool off. 

Interestingly, as fiery and impassioned as Leos usually are, if they have trouble finding something that sparks their interest or are forced to engage in something they find boring, they can become uncharacteristically apathetic, cool, shut-down, and even lazy. Leos need to be able to explore their true passions in order to take the reins as the natural and charismatic leaders they are. If you are or know a Leo who's feeling stuck in a rut, this is a great time to get outside, research a new topic of interest, reconnect with friends, or set a new goal. Reminding yourself what drives you is all you may need to start burning bright and warm like your ruling sun again.

What is it like dating a Leo?

Leos are magnetic, so if you find yourself attractive to one, you are probably far from alone (via Zodiac Guides)! They are likely to have large friend groups and followers of all kinds personally and professionally, so if you think that might make you feel uneasy or insecure, it's best to look elsewhere. However, just because Leos are popular and love the spotlight does not mean they are incapable of commitment. Interestingly, loyalty is among the most important qualities a Leo will look for in a mate, and that is because they are very ready and able to offer the same level of commitment and loyalty. 

Leos love to show off their partner and if they feel you are willing to take their moods and their fiery nature in stride, they are likely to treat you like a queen or king. To date a Leo and be happy, you have to be a patient person who can witness their moods and whims with compassion without getting swept up into their messy emotions yourself. If you can just hold space for them to feel their big feelings, they will surface feeling grateful and even more trusting of you. It's also okay to set firm boundaries with a Leo; yes, they can be moody, but they will respect you making it clear that there are certain behaviors you won't tolerate. 

What is it like to be friends with a Leo?

While Leos can be naturally self-centered, they also make loyal, loving, fun friends (via Your Tango). Not only are they likely to drag you out of your comfort zone and bring you to fun places and events, but they are loyal and loving people who care deeply about the wellbeing of those close to them. They can be generous and giving, especially if you are appreciative of their efforts. Their energy burns so brightly anyone standing close enough is likely to be warmed by it. Yes, this does mean that when they are burning a little too hot, you might get burned, but Leos are usually quick to apologize and admit wrongdoing after their egos have calmed down. 

The worst thing you can do to a Leo you love is to embarrass them in public or demonstrate disloyalty. Barring these cardinal sins, Leos are likely to be forgiving and loving to a friend going through a hard time, and are always happy to take you out or lend an ear to help cheer you up.    

What are the careers best suited for a Leo?

Because Leos are natural, charismatic leaders and dynamic personalities, they are well-suited for a variety of professions, as long as they get to shine (via Monster). Leos would love being self-employed and their own boss, or they would do very well in a leadership role. Some careers that fit a Leo's personality and strengths include personal trainer, business or life coach, event planner, city manager, clinical educator, or other roles that allow them to improve lives or businesses by leading. 

Leos are also likely to have hobbies they are passionate about that incorporate these same strengths; they are likely to be the leader of a mountain biking group or hiking club; they might run a charity event or a soup kitchen; or they might light up a stage or screen with their magnetism. 

Leos would not enjoy careers or jobs that squash their individualism, drain their energy, or force them to take the role of follower too frequently.   

Who are some famous Leos?

Unsurprisingly, the magnetic fiery energy of Leos makes them ideal candidates for jobs as performers and celebrities (via Page Six). Some famous faces who were born under the sign of the lion include past and rumored-to-be-present lovers Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Both dynamic personalities on their own who have stood the test of time, we wonder just how crazy dramatic things must have sometimes been with two Leos butting heads. 

Another famous Leo whose huge personality and monstrous fame have burned brightly for decades is Madonna. Meghan Markle is also a Leo, which makes sense when you consider how comfortable she was in the spotlight as an actress, and how purposefully she has handled her public persona since becoming royalty. Shawn Mendes, Chris Hemsworth, and Joe Jonas are also all Leos whose bright, powerful talents have landed them in the world of fame and fortune.