Stunning Makeup Color Pairings You Haven't Tried But Really Should

We know that our natural beauty is more than enough to face the world with. But let's face it. Makeup is fun, and inventive, and can really help get us in the mood to well, show face. Most of us know of the classic looks. The bold lip, or the smoky eye for example. But there are a lot of staples that, when paired together, make for an even more astonishing transformation.

We know it can be overwhelming. If you've ever walked into a Sephora and immediately felt the urge to run out due to the overwhelming amount of gloss, creams, and glitter, you're definitely not the only one. And, according to the retail analytics firm, Edited, the beauty and cosmetics industry just surpassed 532 billion dollars in value and is growing (via Insider). The bulging amount of options at your fingertips might be daunting. But here are a few color pairings you should try that can achieve a pretty simple "wow" reaction from your admirers.

This duo is both sweet and safe

The first two marvelous makeup colors to pair together are chocolate brown and berry nude. Those who are skimming this article could suddenly start to wonder why we are suddenly talking about a new dessert instead of makeup. And we get confusion, as this winning pairing is as sweet as it sounds. Professional makeup artist, Valeria Ferreira, shares. "This is a classic combo and a super-safe palette. You can't go wrong with this combination!" she says (via Byrdie). You really can't! A nude pink on your lips is the best color to transition from work to out for cocktails with your friends. And a chocolate-colored eyeliner and mascara can be applied heavier when leaving the office without reading too harsh against your features.

Opposites can attract admirers

The second color combination to try conjures up images of leather and lace. And warm cacao on a blustery winter day. You get it, right? Opposites work astonishingly well sometimes. And that goes for the warming color of peach when paired with an icy navy hue. "I love the combination of mixing warm tones with cool tones," says Alphie Sadsad, Pro Artist for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. "Try peach tone shadows with a navy liner," she recommends (via Beauty Heaven). Pairing warm and cool tones don't only apply to peach and navy. Try a gold eye shadow with a light pink lip. Or a warm nude lipstick with a lilac eye shadow (via The Makeup Memo).

This union can really brighten up the cloudiest of days

The third stunning color union to try out is a shimmery silver paired with the strong reminder of spring, fuchsia shade. We know it sounds like a bad prom dress from the eighties. But this color combination on your face will brighten up your mug even on the cloudiest of days. Ferriera recommends a "super-matte, bold fuchsia lips, and a silvery lid—boom!" (via Byrdie). The jury is still out, but we're pretty sure if you tried it the opposite way around, your silver lips would still get a "wow" reaction. Although, admittedly, it would come with a confused arched eyebrow in addition.

Now we know that your makeup options at the store can feel overwhelmingly limitless. But if you remember to stick with these winning color combinations, it will suddenly feel like you know exactly what to buy.