This TikTok Creator Is Exposing All Of Your Dating App Pet Peeves

Online dating can be a lot of fun. Prior to the ongoing pandemic, it was really easy to meet new people in your area quickly. However, this TikTok creator is sharing all the annoying things we go through while searching for "the one." 

Over the last year, many singles have relied solely on dating apps to find a love connection, flirt, or pass the time of day. So Amelia Samson is calling out all of the bad bios and bizarre answers to questions she's personally endured. She starts one video saying, "Every day I think 'it can't get worse. And then every day I'm proven wrong" as she nervously sips her cup of tea.

Samson began reviewing her dating app experiences in December 2020. That TikTok garnered 305,000 views and it quickly became very clear that she was saying what a lot of people were thinking. After receiving comments noting that women's profiles aren't much better, she outlined that she understood that but she was just doing "the good work" for people who are attracted to men. Her TikToks are also undeniably very funny. "I'm 6'8 if that matters? No, it matters it's 99% of my personality," she quipped in one video.

Amelia has received backlash for calling out other TikTokers

Amelia Samson started her dating app TikToks by judging the profiles she encountered based on what they revealed in their photos and bios. If you have a picture of yourself holding a fish, haven't cleaned the toothpaste off your mirror before taking a selfie, or feel like being interested in smart women is a niche taste, then you're not safe.

After her followers requested that Samson continue with the scathing commentary, she started to screenshot particularly funny Hinge profiles that she came across. Of course, there's no shortage of supply. And while the profiles ranged from being a bit sad to offensive, Samson's hilarious comments made them pure entertainment.

Samson then began receiving backlash in her DMs. She's even had some of her videos removed from the platform for claims of hate speech. After calling out a content creator who was teaching people how to pick up women and manipulate them into having sex, her TikTok was removed. However, it was later reinstated after she challenged the removal.

The rising TikTok star has now moved on to dishing stories about dating in real life and is serving her 120,000 followers with lots of laughs.

Amelia taps into how a lot of singles are feeling

According to statistics published in Verdict, the pandemic created a boom for dating apps in light of social distancing. Match Group, the owners of Tinder, OkCupid,, Hinge, and more, shared that they had a surge in usage across all age groups in 2020. The average number of subscribers grew 11 percent to 10.1 million, a jump from 9.1 million in 2019.

With numbers like these, Amelia Samson's brand of sarcastic humor has resonated with many singles looking for love (or lust) on dating apps, whether successfully or not. According to research conducted at the Oxford Internet Institute, 39 percent of conversations on Tinder are made up of one single, unresponded-to message, and an additional 10 percent are two or more unreciprocated messages. And there may be reason for this. 

One of Samson's followers commented, "Every single time I'm on Bumble and see a terrible response all I hear is your voice saying, 'CHOOSE A DIFFERENT PROMPT.'" Another wrote, "I once thought you'd run out of these. I no longer think that." One TikToker sums it up pretty well, writing, "You really say what everyone thinks."

Samson also co-hosts The Hoely Hour podcast. In her TikTok comments, her comedy style has been compared to Schitt's Creek's Alexis Rose, played by Annie Murphy. She's basically advocating for all of the people out there who are on dating apps and are tired of the lackluster pickings.