Why Guy Fieri Can't Stand Eggs

It might sound strange for a celebrity chef to hate eggs, but for Food Network star Guy Fieri, the standard breakfast fare isn't on the menu. It's true that Guy Fieri hates eggs. Although he's not big on eggs, Fieri does love plenty of other food-related items. The chef told Robert Irvine, "I'm a huge fan of Asian food. I love soy sauce, I love ginger, I love garlic, I love spice, I love fresh vegetables. I'm a huge vegetable junkie. That's one of the things people don't even know about me. I'll make six different types of vegetables for dinner." It doesn't seem like he'd be the type to add eggs to a fried rice dish, though.

Although he doesn't fry them or boil them for breakfast, the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives host manages to use them or egg-derived products like mayonnaise in some of his famous recipes. It's only a bit, but Fieri's French Onion Dip contains mayo, and his Chocolate Babka Bread Pudding with Rum-Spiked Cherries recipe uses a whopping five eggs. The famous chef had an early shocking run-in with an egg, but strangely, that's not what made him dislike them so much.

Here's what turned Guy Fieri off eggs for good

In his early life, Guy Fieri actually enjoyed eggs away from home. "I used to eat fried egg sandwiches like they were going out of style," he told Extra Crispy. However, his parents didn't keep white bread in the house, so he had to eat his favorite sandwich elsewhere. "So a fried egg sandwich with processed cheese on white bread when I would go to my friend's house was the greatest thing in the world." When he was ten, though, he opened an egg and found a fully formed baby chick. For some people, that might be the end of eating eggs, but surprisingly, that wasn't what turned the celebrity chef off the breakfast staple. 

The real reason Fieri hates eggs, "I had a bad hard-boiled egg. It was the chalky yolk," he revealed to Extra Crispy. Of course, appropriately cooked, hard-boiled eggs can be a staple for many people at breakfast or other meals, including snacks throughout the day. Although he's not a big breakfast person, when he does choose to enjoy the first meal of the day, he turns to grits, ham, and red-eye gravy.

Fieri revealed he got his general food philosophy from his dad. The chef told Robert Irvine his dad advised him, "Don't be scared. Don't make everything crazy, don't cook everything off the radar, but be willing to take chances. Be willing to try new stuff." Just not with eggs.