What All Of Noah Cyrus's Tattoos Really Mean

With a star-studded family, it's no wonder Noah Cyrus - sister of Miley Cyrus and Trace Cyrus and daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus - has made it just as big in the music world. 

In November 2016, it was announced that she signed with a record company and released her debut single "Make Me Cry" featuring Labrinth (via ETOnline). After Noah's single hit the radio waves, people were itching for more. Ever since then, she's continually released pop hits such as "Stay Together," "Again," "We Are...," and "Team" to name a few. In February 2021, she announced that she will be releasing a newest EP, titled PEOPLE DON'T CHANGE, later this year. The project will be a collaboration with songwriter and producer PJ Harding (via Vents Magazine). 

Along with being a go-to on many Gen Z's playlists, Noah's body art is almost as iconic as she is. At only 21 years old, the pop sensation is nearly covered in sentimental and edgy tattoos.

Many of Noah's tattoos relate back to her family

Noah Cyrus's first tattoo is a set of Roman numerals in her clavicle area. The numerals depict the date 2-28-2006, which is the date her grandfather passed away  (via POPSUGAR).

Noah's next few tattoos were homages to different family members. One of which is a black heart on her shoulder that matches with her mother, Tish Cyrus, and a horseshoe for her mother, since they both love horses. She also has triforce symbol tattoo with the letter "B" in the center on the inside of her right arm to pay a tribute to her elder brother Braison Cyrus. He also has the same ink.

The matching tattoos don't stop there. Her next tattoo is the words "stand still" inked on her right forearm, a matching piece with her father, Billy Ray Cyrus. Noah wrote in an Instagram post, "My dad always taught me to stand still when things get too crazy." In 2019, Noah — and what seems like the whole family — got a tattoo of "Cyrus" on their arms.

She also has a few lesser known tats, like a heart tattoo with the word "momma" on her neck and a spooky spider.

Noah also has matching tattoos with friends

Along with her finger tattoos, Noah Cyrus has a bunch more wrist tattoos. In June 2018, she got a smiley face tattooed on her left wrist by famous tattoo artist Jon Boy, who also got the same ink later. 

In early 2018, Cyrus got the word "Constantine" tattooed on her right wrist in honor of her late horse. After her "Constantine" tattoo, she got an "07" tattoo with her childhood friend Frankie Coletta, bookmarking their decade-long friendship. Her last matching wrist tattoo is with longtime friend Maty Noye. The besties inked margarita glasses alongside their wrists (via Body Art Guru).

Cyrus later received a matching tombstone tattoo with her best friend at the time, Lauren Winzer. In early 2019, Cyrus got phrase "You remind me of the color blue" on her left arm in honor of her friend Diablo. 

On the Instagram post, she wrote, "My beautiful friend wrote me a beautiful letter and he said this at the end of it. diablo you have shown me nothing but strength and I admire your strength so much. thankyou for being in my life! I am so lucky. this tattoo is for you lil s**t. Diablo i love ya." 

The hardest to spot (if ever) is Noah's inner lip tattoo. In August 2018, Cyrus got "Reh" tattooed with her friend, Lucas Machado.

Here's what those hand and finger tattoos mean

Noah Cyrus has gotten many smaller tattoos throughout her body, such as an "LA" on her wrist to represent her second home of Los Angeles and a butterfly on her left wrist that matches her moms butterfly tattoo. She also has smaller ones such as an "X" on her forearm and a blue heart. 

She has a set of evil eyes, one on each of her thumbs, a Thunderbird tattoo on her middle finger, and a bunch of galaxy-themed tattoos throughout. The finger tattoos don't stop, because she also got small, minimalistic line tattoos below her nails and a Japanese script in honor of one of her best friends. If you think she forgot about her big sister Miley Cyrus, you'd be wrong as Noah has a tiny matching teardrop tattoo on her index finger. The last known tattoos on her right fingers are cursive tattoos saying, "Daddy and Mommy" (via Steal Her Style).

She has a few matching tattoos with some ex-boyfriends

In 2017, Noah Cyrus got her iconic black-lined rose tattoo on her left forearm. According to an Instagram post, she got it as a matching piece with then-boyfriend Tanner Drayton.

On her right bicep, Cyrus has the lyrics "I've been on fire lately" from her song "Lately," which featured her then-boyfriend, Tanner Alexander (yes, two Tanner's). And it's not the only tattoo she got that with Alexander. In June 2018, they got a tattoo that has four out of five stars blacked out on their arms. Fans speculate that the significance behind the tattoo is a tribute to an Arctic Monkey's song released one month prior. Cyrus also has a matching tattoo with Alexander's mother, which is a palm tree. (via Body Art Guru).

If anyone remembers her and Lil Xan's relationship, they got a small broken heart symbol together back in 2018 when they were going strong (via POPSUGAR).

Some of Noah's tattoos are inspired by her music career

Noah Cyrus is also a huge fan of small, graphic art tattoos. One of the most iconic being the small, sad smiley face that she got from Dakota Gomez back in 2018. 

The singer explained in an interview with Access"I wanted to let people see where I am in my life right now as a person. Like how I deal with hella anxiety, and I get depression, and I get upset, and I have feelings, and I'm alone on tour sometimes, and I'm sad."

She received a few lyrical tattoos such as a "Ride or Cry" on her inner left arm to represent her time on her The Good Cry Tour. The other lyrical tattoo is her favorite song from her country star father, Billy Ray Cyrus, titled "bluegrass state of mind" that represents their close bond with one another (via POPSUGAR).

No one knows the meaning behind Noah's recent tattoos

Noah Cyrus' also went super meta and received a cartoon portrait of herself. In February 2019, she got it done by LA-based tattooist Manuela Soto Sosa. After her portrait, she got a pair of praying hands on her left arm. While the meaning for neither has been released, they stand to be fan-favorites.

Cyrus hasn't divulged the meaning for many of her tattoos. One mysterious tat is located on her arm, featuring a heart with a sword stabbing it. It's also a mystery as to when she actually got the piece done. One of her most popular tattoos are the words "BAD BOY" inked on her right hand. While she's never talked about the meaning, many fans speculate that it could be linked to one of her exes.

One of her latest tattoos is on her right arm of a cowgirl boot, though she has yet to explain the meaning behind it. Going on board with the cowgirl theme is a script tattoo on her right thigh saying, "cowgirls cry.

Another recent piece is a gorgeous rose tattoo on her right hand. This too, Cyrus hasn't divulged the meaning behind it. With many tattoos that are well beyond double digits, fans are excited to see what tattoo the rising star will unveil next.