Why The Latest Episode Of Shameless Has Fans Upset

As Shameless nears its series finale on Sunday, April 11, rounding out its emotional 11th season, fans are speculating the worst for one of the main characters. The season's penultimate episode aired on April 4, titled "The Fickle Lady is Calling It Quits," and ended on a shocking, devastating note (via Yahoo! Entertainment).

Devoted viewers have formed a deep bond with complicated Frank Gallagher and his kids Fiona, Ian, Lip, Debbie, Carl, Liam, Stella, Ben, Delia, and Nigel over the last 10 years, growing close to the series' portrayal of complex yet good-hearted characters. From Frank's debilitating addiction and incarceration to his recent dementia diagnosis, plus the profound responsibilities placed on each of his children, Shameless is a serious show that somehow still finds humor in its intricacies. While we're shedding a few tears now that the show is set to end for good, we might be even more heartbroken at the fate of its most polarizing character.

Last episode found Frank struggling to deal with his dementia, realizing he could no longer control his trips to the bathroom. Finding some optimism in son Liam, the pair decide to take on the town in order to help Frank see the glass half-full (via Digital Spy). Doing all kinds of "Frank things," the two head to a bar (where else!) after pretending to be blind beggars. Problematic and as hilarious as ever, the episode takes a sad twist when Frank realizes he can no longer keep alcohol down.

Fans are speculating the worst for this Shameless character

As Frank realizes he may never be the same person again, the show seems to lead the audience to a tragic conclusion — to expect the worst for its main character. Once home, Frank reminds 26-year-old son Lip about the gold brick they buried into the backyard when he was 12, a truly sweet moment. But Frank quickly decides to go back to his old ways and shoot up, thinking he will feel "so much better." Leaving a letter to his family, Frank takes more drugs, resulting in him falling onto his sofa and closing his eyes (via Digital Spy).

The episode ends on this sour note, confusing viewers about whether Frank overdosed or not. Taking to Twitter, die-hard fans are asking themselves whether he will live to see another day, or if it's officially the end for our anti-hero. One fan posted, "I'm not feeling Lip. Kev & V moving is insane. Ian & Mickey are the best. The growth in Liam is perfect. Carl is working [so] hard to make being a cop work for him. Debbie is needy & I can't deal if Frank died like that." 

Another fan was similarly shocked, tweeting, "who knew I'd ever be crying over Frank Gallagher lol shameless is ripping me to shreds." Although Frank Gallagher's character is divisive, one Twitter user said it all: "Wait.. frank really gone? Gotdammit!" 

With the show's last episode titled "Father Frank, Full of Grace," we're unfortunately expecting a devastating fate.