The One Thing CVS Employees Want You To Stop Doing

CVS is a one-stop shop for all your household and personal needs — plus, there's a pharmacy, making the store a true lifesaver on errand day. While we all love CVS, have you ever wondered if there's something you are doing to annoy the staff? Of course, we all fail to put an item back where we found it when we change our minds at times. But this can happen at any retail store, from Target, to Home Goods, to Dollar Tree.

Consider that at CVS, there are tons of ways to save money, according to The Krazy Coupon Lady. For instance, you can sign up for various programs, like the ExtraCare Beauty Club and ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards, to save when you shop, or even earn up to $50 per year. But certain items are excluded when you go to spend your payout, like wine, stamps, and gift cards. CVS staff know this, and don't want you to argue with them when it comes time to checkout.

In fact, according to The Talko, CVS's company culture operates on the assumption the customer is always right. So, even if you complain about a policy and technically, you are in the wrong, you might end up getting your way — which must be irritating for employees.

CVS employees wish customers would be more considerate

Niche is full of CVS employee reviews that back up what The Talko notes about customers who insist they are right. One individual said about working there, "Improvement could be used in...backing up employees with customer issues. Policies should be enforced by corporate instead of letting customers slide by with abusing employees." Another said, "The corporate leaders say that CVS is all about the customer."

Over on Reddit, employees note the pay isn't the greatest, and morale can be low depending on your store team. So, if as a customer, you visit a store where there are a lot of unhappy employees, kindness, consideration, and respect can probably go a very long way, especially with a CVS worker on Payscale noting, "Customers [are] always the biggest contribution to your stress levels." Many employees on the site second the notion that rude customers can make the job stressful.

But many employees also share they enjoy helping non-rude people at the store!