The Real Reason Chris Hemsworth Doesn't Think He's Taken Seriously As An Actor

Chris Hemsworth has fans all over the world thanks to his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Thor, but playing a god isn't all it's cracked up to be. Hemsworth admitted in a recent interview with The Telegraph that he struggles to be seen as a serious actor — and he has a pretty good idea why.

"Bodybuilding is seen as vanity, whereas if I put on a bunch of unhealthy weight, or got unhealthily skinny for a role, I'd probably be called a serious actor," he told the outlet.

As Hemsworth explained, though, Thor is supposed to have a ripped physique, calling it "an aesthetic that the role requires," and staying in peak physical condition is incredibly demanding. "The training across 10 years of doing it is a full-time job," he said. "That and then a 12-hour shooting day... you have to look at it like a professional athlete.

This is what keeps Chris Hemsworth motivated as an actor

In spite of not feeling like he's seen as "a serious actor," Hemsworth is at the top of his game. Per Celebrity Net Worth, he has a fortune of $130 million.

Still, he's worried that all of it could disappear. "You need to have an obsessive approach, just like anything where the odds are stacked against you and it's a one-in-a-million chance that you're going to get your foot in the door," he told GQ last year. "But once you are on that train, not a day goes by where you don't think it's going to be taken away, all of a sudden."

As far as Hemsworth is concerned, though, that's not necessarily a bad thing. "When you get too comfortable you don't dig as deep," he told The Telegraph. "I like that reminder: you could slip and fall here, get it together. I think it's a great motivation, feeling that uncertainty, having that little bit of fear knocking at the door."