The Secret My 600-Lb Life Doesn't Want You To Know About Dr. Now

Fans have gotten to know Dr. Nowzaradan, colloquially known as Dr. Now, as the tough-talking miracle worker at the heart of My 600-lb Life. After participants travel to his Texas practice for the all-important consultation that could turn their lives around, Dr. Now wastes no time laying down the law, instructing potential patients to get on a strict diet and start undertaking regular exercise if they want to stand a chance of qualifying for weight loss surgery. 

Although My 600-lb Life has a pretty decent success rate overall, the show has been heavily criticized after former participants protested their treatment while appearing on it — several even launched lawsuits against the production company. There are also the sad cases of people who died following their time on My 600-lb LifeIt may surprise you to know, however, that Dr. Now himself has been at the center of some intense legal drama. 

Dr. Now has been the subject of some shocking lawsuits

As Monagiza reports, similar to many other practicing doctors and surgeons, Dr. Now has been slapped with a medical malpractice lawsuit or two in his time. Back in 2012, both he and his anesthesiologist were sued by former patient Michelle Park, who alleged a piece of tubing measuring almost seven inches in length was mistakenly left inside her following Park's gastric band surgery. Moreover, the piece of medical equipment allegedly wasn't discovered for two years. However, the lawsuit was mysteriously dropped in the end.

Meaww also notes the beloved doctor and author was sued by a woman named Colleen Shepherd in 2007, after her daughter Tina died following another gastric bypass procedure. Likewise, in 2012, a patient's wife reportedly sued for similar reasons. Dr. Now fought back against all claims, and the suits were subsequently dropped, much like Park's. In 2017, Dr. Now faced another suit, this time for allegedly leaving "a stainless steel connector and tubing in a patient," per InTouch Weekly. Although plenty of controversy has surrounded My 600-lb Life during its many seasons on the air, the malpractice lawsuits against Dr. Now are some of the most worrying developments.