Peter Weber Just Put To Rest This Bachelor Rumor

Who could forget the fairly unsatisfying season of The Bachelor in which Peter Weber starred (via The Washington Post)? After going through several contestants including the woman he proposed to, then broke up with, Hannah Ann Sluss, the pilot ended up dating fourth runner up Kelley Flanagan. The couple has since reportedly ended their relationship, which leaves Weber open for a possible Bachelor redo in the vein of Brad Womack.

In fact, on April Fool's Day, a rumor was circulating that indeed, ABC was casting Weber as The Bachelor again (via Us Weekly). Luckily, for those fans who don't have the patience to watch the 29-year-old hem and haw over his options, this appears to be pure speculation, and not fact, with Weber himself shooting down the notion of a Bachelor return.

As Weber told E! News on Monday about such reports, "I had a bunch of friends send me screenshots of that. I was just as confused as they were, so yeah, I know nothing else about that. I'm lost in the dark just as much as you guys. There's no talks going on."

But just because the unlucky-in-love Weber is not planning a Bachelor return, does not mean he is done with his involvement with the franchise, necessarily.

Where we might see Peter Weber in the future

No, Weber is not set to return as The Bachelor. But as he told Us Weekly about a possible Bachelor in Paradise run, don't rule it out! If asked to find love in the tropical locale, he told the outlet, "I don't know what I would do." He also noted about the spinoff, "I do believe [BIP] can work, I definitely do."

Given his experience with The Bachelor, the reality star admitted, "If I'm just being real, I would say the percentage of it working has severely dropped in my head, but there are great stories that do come out of it. And since there is a chance that it can work and it's a unique way to meet someone, it's a fun way to meet someone. ... I don't know if I would personally do it or not yet."

As for couples who met onĀ Bachelor in Paradise and have stayed together, consider Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert, and Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon.