Why Nightlife May Never Be The Same Again

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world in a way that will perhaps never return to the way it was. Indeed, this 'new normal' has forced every single one of us to reassess how we live our lives — and some of the changes we've made have certainly been for the better. This reflection has left some of us in utter disbelief of the ways in which we used to live, particularly in regards to our awareness of hygiene and germs. According to The Guardian, COVID-19 has led to many becoming terrified of germs. It's possible that these anxieties may ultimately have permanent effects — which is to say, we might never go to the mall without a mask or eat "finger-licking good" foods in public again.

But one lifestyle change that will certainly take a while to return to normal is nightlife. According to professionals, a nightclub is one of the most unsanitary places you can spend time in general, let alone during a global pandemic. "There is a good reason that clubs have been first to close and last to open in the face of the pandemic," says Dr Paul McKay of Imperial College London. "During a pandemic, going clubbing just might be the most dangerous thing you can do," per Vogue.

Some countries have already been able to reopen nightlife

While clubs might be an especially unsanitary place to spend your Friday night, COVID-19 hasn't done away with them forever. In fact, many are discussing options for reinstating 'safe' nightlife scenes. But what would this look like? Well, we'll look to how other countries are doing it. New Zealand has been able to open live entertainment back up as a result of their rigorous lockdown rules and general obedience towards COVID safety, according to Australia's ABC.net. Berlin's infamous techno scene also had a brief span of reopening for entertainment, as well, but shut back down due to COVID fears resurfacing (via Vogue).

These cases give us hope for the future of clubbing, as well as glimpse into what a future of safe nightlife might look like — which for Germany, took the form of no dancing, no eating or drinking away from your table, and of course, mandatory masks.

Here are some glimpses into what the future of clubbing could look like

An LA-based studio has been working on a prototype that they believe would make clubbing and nightlife much safer. According to CNN, the concept piece, called The Micrashell, is a body-suit and helmet with a built in N95 particle filtration system that can be worn over normal clothing. Creative director of Production Club Miguel Risueño believes that suits such as this Tron-esque one will be all the rage in the upcoming years. Not only do they offer protection, but they're also designed to fit club and rave fashion.

Another option for a safe nightlife might simply be taking it outside, known as "open air" clubs. This concept has already been tested in a variety of places, including Slovakia, where clubbers each danced in their own spaces outdoors, which Mix Mag called a "socially distanced rave." Perhaps nightlife will never be the same again — but there's reason to believe the future of nightlife will be safer and cleaner.