Will Bachelor Crasher Heather Martin Be On Bachelor In Paradise?

Heather Martin, who was a surprise contestant on Matt James' season of The Bachelor, has made headlines in recent weeks for sparking dating rumors with the one and only Matt James. Both Bachelor alums posted photos from San Clemente, California, around the same time, leading fans to believe the two were hanging out, via E! Online.


On the most recent episode of The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous podcast, however, Martin was quick to quash the rumors (via iHeartRadio). "I'm not dating Matt. I think he has a lot going on in his life. You know, he's going through a ton. I can't even imagine," she said, explaining why the timing for them is completely off. Martin also said that posting from San Clemente at the same time as James was merely a coincidence.

Does this mean that Martin's journey in The Bachelor franchise has come to an end? Some fans are hoping that the 25-year-old will appear on Bachelor in Paradise. Unfortunately, Martin revealed on the podcast that she doesn't plan on it.

Heather Martin says that Bachelor in Paradise is not the show for her

Heather Martin said on The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous podcast that Bachelor in Paradise wasn't in the cards for her (via iHeartRadio). "I don't think that's the show for me for multiple different reasons," she explained. Some fans are wondering if Martin does not want to join the spin-off series because of recent The Bachelor scandals. In fact, E! Online reported last month that Bachelor in Paradise producers are having a hard time casting the show because of the racially-charged controversies surrounding Chris Harrison, Rachel Lindsay, and Rachael Kirkconnell.


Whether more Bachelor alums continue to decline invitations to join the summer series or not, showrunners are trying to move on. The senior vice president of ABC entertainment, Rob Mills, told Variety, "We are hell-bent on figuring out how we make 'Paradise' work. ... Unless something horrendous happens, I feel very confident that 'Paradise' is coming back on this summer — how and where it's going to be, it's still too early to tell."