Why My 600-Lb Life's Assanti Brothers No Longer Speak

My 600-lb Life is well known for showcasing the incredibly difficult lives of those struggling with extreme obesity. Many cast members meet the incomparable Dr. Now and are inspired to finally make a significant change for the better. They emerge as different people, inside and out, going on to further success, too. Others, sadly, are too far gone and can't find the strength to commit, typically because of other underlying issues. Sadly, some have even died as a result of their unhealthy lifestyles. 


The Assanti brothers, then, present an interesting dichotomy. As Distractify notes, Steven Assanti refused to take Dr. Now's strict diet plan seriously and even stole his brother, Justin's, painkillers following gastric bypass surgery to fuel his addiction. Steven is widely considered one of the biggest villains the show has ever seen, and his reputation dragged his brother down too, with Justin subsequently admitting he, too, was a victim of Steven's bullying antics. These days, the Assanti brothers don't even speak. 

They're two very different people

According to a report by Starcasm, Justin previously revealed that My 600-lb Life was produced to within an inch of its life, quipping that the only thing real about the show was his brother's horrible behavior. "Steven on the show is Steven in real life. It's one of the few things not scripted," he reportedly admitted at the time. Further, during a since-deleted Reddit Q&A session, Justin confirmed his brother cut off contact with him since tying the knot, and quipped he was enjoying a more peaceful life without Steven around (via Starcasm). The brothers endured a traumatic childhood, but Justin maintains Steven made his life considerably harder while they were growing up.


The polarizing My 600-lb Life star confirmed exclusively to Nicki Swift in 2019 that the two no longer speak, opining Justin "is his own person" who "wants no involvement with the show anymore." He also advised that, on occasion, Justin can be heard in the background while Steven is on the phone to their father however, "as far as a brother relationship or something like that, we don't talk." Seemingly stating the obvious, the former reality star noted emphatically, "We're two different people. We totally are." Steven also acknowledged that it's not hard living without Justin, arguing that he has his own family to focus on now. Clearly, the feeling is mutual.