How Below Deck's Eddie And Rocky Changed The Way The Show Was Filmed

Privacy isn't too much of an option when you're on the Bravo show Below Deck. Whether it's a charter guest going into "The Shame Cocoon" or a crew member cutting the cheese in the galley, well, it's all there for eager viewers to see. But just when you thought that you had seen every inch of the luxury yacht, there seems to be some new spot that has escaped the spotlight — like the laundry room. And this is how Below Deck's Eddie and Rocky changed the way the show was filmed.

Picture it: Season 3 of Below Deck. Captain Lee Rosbach, chief stew Kate Chastain, and bosun Eddie Lucas welcome a new crew aboard the luxury yacht, Eros. So already, with a yacht named Eros (who was the Greek god of love, per Greek Mythology), it's just a matter of time before some members of the crew start kissing — and a whole lot more.

Enter Raquel "Rocky" Dakota, a third stew who brought a lot of drama —and a mermaid tail — to the show. Although deckhand Emile Kotze showed lots of interest in Rocky, (the two even went on a date), it was ultimately Eddie who won her, um, heart. In episode 8 of the show, aptly titled "Boom Boom in the Laundry Room," Eddie and Rocky hook up in (of all places), the laundry room (via IMDb).

Here's why cameras were installed in the laundry room on Below Deck

Says Captain Lee of the rendezvous:

"It's been a learning process. Each year we find a better way to do things," says Lee. "Remember when Eddie got caught in the laundry room? Well, we never used to have cameras in there, because, let's face it, there's not a lot of action in there... until that season. Now we have cameras in the laundry room. The show morphs each year." (via Cosmpolitan).

And that makes sense, because if you watch each episode closely, you never actually see Eddie and Rocky in the laundry room hooking up. What the viewer does get to see is some wash in the washing machine, and some heavy breathing — but that's it.

Since the infamous affair between Rocky and Eddie (who had a girlfriend at the time), the laundry room on subsequent yachts hasn't seen anything too sexy ... besides starching, that is. Still, the production crew on Below Deck isn't taking any chances and has cameras filming while cast members fluff and fold away in the laundry room. Who knows, maybe someone will bring their dirty laundry to that space ... and give the viewers something to gawk at.