The Truth About Queen Elizabeth's Relationship With Princess Anne

Queen Elizabeth has been enduring a difficult time in her personal life at the moment, following the death of her husband, Prince Philip. The long-reigning consort to Her Majesty died peacefully at home, in Windsor Castle, on April 9. He was just a few months shy of turning 100. Buckingham Palace made the official announcement, noting the queen did so "with deep sorrow" (via BBC). Tributes soon flooded in from all over the world, as public figures and private citizens alike paid their respects. 


Since that tragic time, the queen's family has reportedly gathered around to ensure she has the requisite support. As the Daily Mail confirmed, senior royals have accompanied Her Majesty to conduct public duties throughout the year. At home, it's likely the beloved monarch is spending quality time with her children, too. In particular, her daughter, Princess Anne, should prove to be an incredible support given their super close relationship.

Princess Anne defended her mother's parenting style

As Town & Country notes, Princess Anne was born in 1950, just a few short years before her mother would ascend the throne. She's the middle child, and as the monarch's only daughter, Anne has vocally defended her mother in public several times over the years, fighting back against claims that the queen wasn't as nurturing to her kids as she could've been. "I simply don't believe there is any evidence whatsoever to suggest that she wasn't caring. It just beggars belief," she memorably told BBC


Royal historian Robert Lacey, who also served as an advisor on "The Crown," confirmed the two women grew close during Anne's teenage years thanks to a shared love of horses and fashion (via Town & Country)Although reports have circulated for many years about Queen Elizabeth's reliance on nannies, according to Lacey, she loved bathing her children, reading bedtime stories to them, and tucking them in at night. 

Queen Elizabeth and Princess Anne share a very close bond

Although they've always been close, as Women's Health notes, they have had disagreements. Princess Anne has been open in the past about how uncomfortable she is living as a public citizen. Her mother has also reportedly disapproved of her divorce from her first husband, Captain Mark Phillips


In 2019, Anne was caught on camera refusing to greet then-president Donald Trump. She seemingly shrugged in response to her mother's obvious disapproval (via Cosmopolitan). However, CNN clarified that her response had nothing to do with Trump, and she was not being scolded by the queen.

Still, body language expert Judi James advised Express that the mother-daughter duo appears incredibly close, noting their "rituals together suggest a meeting of minds and complementary traits rather than any fond fussing or more tactile displays." Princess Anne shows respect to her mother by not treating her like an elderly invalid, while their shared sense of humor is indicated in small gestures and raised eyebrows.


Princess Anne's first wedding was inspired by her mother

Princess Anne clearly looks up to her mother. In fact, as Hello! reports, she's so influenced by Her Majesty that Princess Anne's first wedding to Captain Mark Philips was directly inspired by the queen. As royal watchers will already be aware, the dearly departed Prince Philip tied the knot with Queen Elizabeth in November 1947. When it came time for her daughter to walk down the aisle, Anne also opted for a November wedding. She wore a stunning, long-sleeved wedding dress with a high neck, given the time of year would've been chilly in the U.K. Princess Anne also wore her grandmother's diamond tiara.


For her second wedding, Princess Anne also opted for wintertime, with the nuptials held in December in Scotland. Although it might not seem like a big deal that the princess got married at the same time of year as her mother, it's worth noting that winter weddings are highly uncommon for royal brides. Some of the most recent royal nuptials, for example, took place in May (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle) and April (Prince William and Kate Middleton). However, Princess Eugenie chose a spooky October date, so the tide may be turning.

Princess Anne frequently accompanies Queen Elizabeth on royal outings

Princess Anne is one of Queen Elizabeth's favorite people to accompany her on official royal business, judging by a Tatler report from June 2021. As the site reported, Her Majesty spent a week touring around Scotland in what was dubbed "Royal Week" and was accompanied by her daughter midway through, with photos showcasing the easy rapport between the two. The close duo spent the Wednesday taking part in various engagements and were even dressed in similar colors, with the queen wearing royal blue, to match the Scottish flag, and Princess Anne in a gray coat with a pale blue scarf.


The royals met with locals throughout Glasgow, taking part in various environmental projects and discussing their long-time goals. The ladies looked to be in good spirits throughout their engagements and were frequently spotted sharing laughs. Indeed, as Hello! notes, the Princess Royal has been accompanying her mother to royal events ever since she was old enough to do so, and they frequently match their ensembles for the occasion. In celebration of her daughter's 71st birthday, in August 2021, the queen shared a variety of shots of the duo at various events, always looking thrilled to be in each other's company. 

This special mother-daughter bond appears to be unbreakable.