Here's What Your Anti-Aging Routine Should Look Like In Your 20s

The sooner you implement anti-aging products into your routine, the less you'll have to worry down the road. Between the wrinkles and lines, many 20 somethings don't exactly worry too much about how their skin will look later in life. But, Marie Claire explains, an anti-aging routine is much more important these days — especially because we're aging faster than ever before. Dr. Loretta Ciraldo tells the outlet, "I am seeing more women in their 20s with lines and other stigmata of aging that previously hadn't surfaced until the 30's."

"I attribute this to the external factors that are aging us faster and at younger ages, including pollution, visible light and even irritants often from the multiplicity of products we are 'experimenting' with, which leads to irritation and in turn to collagen breakdown among other unwanted skin aging changes." 

Fortunately, a lot of the skincare products you should use in your 20s are mainly preventative items. Protecting your face, neck, and hands from damaging UV rays is step number one, according to Vogue. Finding a high-quality SPF and combining it with a powerful Vitamin C serum will give you the support you need to block out the sun's damaging effects. "UV rays do still penetrate, so it's nice to wear something underneath the SPF to neutralize the free radicals that get released, and also to help with collagen production," Ciraldo adds.

It's important to care for your delicate skin in your 20s

In addition to having the right cleanser, moisturizer and protective routine, it's important to look out for the delicate areas as well. Vogue explains that one of the first places where we start to age is around our eyes due to the thin quality of the skin in this area. By moisturizing this space early, you can ensure that it retains its elasticity and suppleness for years to come. "Starting an eye cream early develops a good habit, and even if you're not treating a visible wrinkle, it hydrates the skin to plump it, so the wrinkles show less when you're older," Dr. Ciraldo tells the outlet.

If you're currently dealing with break outs and other skin issues but want to get a heads start on your anti-aging regimen, products with niacinamide can fit the bill. The EveryGirl reports that this product — aka Vitamin B3 — protects, soothes and even decreases the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Various serums contain this ingredient; you can also find a few makeup products that contain it as well, offering the protection and moisture that your skin craves.

Another classic addition to an effective anti-aging skin routine comes in the form of peptides. These aid in the production of collagen, meaning that your skin can more readily create the proteins that keep it looking smooth, the outlet notes.

It's never too early to integrate a substantive skincare routine — you'll thank yourself in 20 years.