Jimmie Allen: The Country Star Is Worth More Than You Think

Jimmie Allen fans know the smooth singer for blending modern R&B with country twang, an infectious, catchy musical style we can't get enough of (via All Music). Allen continues to gain traction in the music world, singing tunes from his addictive 2020 EP Bettie James, so it's no wonder listeners can't stop speculating about the rising star's net worth. As the country singer crosses genres with songs like "This Is Us" featuring Noah Cyrus and even collaborating with rapper Nelly on "Good Times Roll" (via Rolling Stone), it's clear that Allen is rising fast — and that goes for his net worth, too!

The Milton, Del. native is no stranger to the music industry (via Delaware Today), moving to Nashville back in 2007 to pursue his dreams (via Rolling Stone). But the 34-year-old country star didn't get his big break until years later in 2017 when he was signed to the record label BMG. As Allen asserts, "it was about 11 years of being in Nashville" until he finally found success, and it was undoubtedly his consistency and drive that led him to where he is today. Once his 2018 single "Best Shot" became the second-most added song on country radio (via Rolling Stone) and hit No. 1 on the Country Airplay chart (via Billboard), Allen had officially hit the big leagues.

All about Allen's stunning net worth

While Allen reminds his fans that his success was by no means overnight, it's still incredible to see how far he's come. With stints as a stand-up comedian to earn more money on the side (via Taste of Country), the musician tried out for and was eliminated from American Idol before the live shows, according to Cape Gazette. As Tennessean reports, the country celeb even experienced bouts of homelessness for months at a time. Even through adversity, the country star went on to gain fame and serious financial success to boot. 

So how much is the "Blue Jean Baby" star worth? ExactNetWorth estimates Allen's net worth to be $1.5 million, which comes from a mix of his record earnings and his live performances. He's notably toured with American Idol star Scotty McCreery and has performed at several music festivals. Allen is quickly building up an impressive net worth!

As songs from the country star's EP Bettie James climb the charts, Allen's star power only becomes more undeniable.