The Harry And William Moment That Made The Internet Gasp

They may have begun the funeral march by walking into St. George's Chapel with their older cousin Peter Phillips between them, but the internet let out a collective gasp when Princes William and Harry got together with Kate Middleton and left the chapel at the same time after the service. The moment happened not long after the grieving Queen Elizabeth II had driven off, and members of the family had gathered to walk back together.

"Seeing William, Harry and Kate talking, and walking together was really great to see!" enthused one social media user while sharing photos of the threesome. Another cheekily pointed out that: "Seeing William and Harry walking back from the funeral together chatting is really going to ruin some media narratives today." For those who missed the moment the world was — honestly — waiting for, a helpful social media user even uploaded a video of the threesome with the caption: "They said 'Harry, William and Kate are fighting'. One reason why I prefer geopolitics to philistinism and "royal watching".

There were hopes that William and Harry would reconcile during the funeral

To be fair, no one quite knew how the day would unfold, especially since Harry and Meghan's bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, which took place while Prince Philip was still in hospital, generated such controversy. Speculation about Harry's relationship with his family reached fever pitch when he elected to return to the United Kingdom without Meghan Markle by his side. She had been advised not to travel back to Britain for the funeral by her doctors, as she is heavily pregnant, and was said to have watched the service on television (via The Telegraph). 

During an interview with the BBC, former Prime Minister Sir John Major had said that: "The friction that we are told has arisen is a friction better ended as speedily as possible." 

Major, who was named the boys' guardian after the death of Princess Diana adds that: "They [William and Harry] shared emotion. They share grief at the present time because of the death of their grandfather. I think [this] is an ideal opportunity. I hope very much that it is possible to mend any rifts that may exist."