Why Joy Duggar Forsyth's Photo Of Baby Evy Is Raising Eyebrows

The famous Duggar family of 19 Kids & Counting and its spinoff, Counting On, have built a huge fan base over the years. Viewers who first tuned in to watch parents Jim Bob and Michelle manage day-to-day life with their huge brood are now fascinated by how the children have grown. Most of the young adult Duggars are out of the house now, following their parents' example of marrying young and starting their own families. The sizes of the families range from Josh and Anna Duggar's six children to Jessa Duggar Seewald's three-with-one-on-the-way. Sons Justin and Jed just married their girlfriends this year, so fans are counting the days till the first pregnancy announcement.

Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth and her husband, Austin, are the proud parents of two children: 3-year-old Gideon Martyn and Evelyn Mae, almost 8 months. The arrival of Evy was especially joyful for the couple, who had suffered a miscarriage a year earlier (via Today). Like most proud 21st-century moms, Joy has been sharing photos of her family on her Instagram feed. Some capture sweet moments – a nap on Dad's shoulder, a peaceful playtime – and others show the more challenging moments of parenthood. Gideon has a habit of making glorious messes in the kitchen (via Instagram). But one of Joy's most recent posts has received its share of concern along with the "awww"s.

Fans worried about baby Evy's jewelry

Joy captured two adorable pictures of little Evy having a bath in what appears to be the family's kitchen sink (via Instagram). She has bath toys in her hand as she smiles for the camera. Joy wrote a caption: "Bath time is her favorite time! I love Evy's sweet smile!"

While many of her followers reacted with exclamations like "Precious!" "Cutie pie!" and "So sweet!", others noticed that Evy had a short necklace around her neck. One fan noted that it appeared to be an amber teething necklace. According to The Bump, amber teething necklaces have become trendy because of the claim that the amber resin releases a natural painkilling substance when worn by infants. 

However, other commenters were worried that the jewelry might do more harm than good. "There is no evidence based research that it serves any benefit whatsoever," said one. "It is a huge risk for strangulation and asphyxiation." Indeed, both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the FDA warn that infants shouldn't wear jewelry at all. The beads can be broken off and swallowed, or the string may catch on an object and choke the child. 

No one wants to see a sweetheart like Evy in pain. But Joy and Austin might reconsider the necklace and go with a safer and more effective teething remedy, such as a firm rubber teething ring, a gentle gum massage, or even nibbling on a clean cold washcloth.