Why Luke Bryan's Underwear Commercial Is Getting Attention

Luke Bryan's Jockey commercial is turning heads, and it's easy to see why. Aired during the ACM Awards, the hilarious commercial features the country star discussing underwear with his real-life wife Caroline. Quipping back-and-forth about boxer briefs, Bryan's "go-to's," and even a thong, it's no wonder fans are going wild over the ad.

The commercial (via iSpot.tv) features the "Drunk On You" singer relaxing at home as Caroline brings over a shopping bag full of Jockey underwear for a photo shoot. Caroline asks her husband if he's "nervous," and Bryan simply replies "I've been working out" in his trademark twang. All seems well enough, but the commercial gets way more detailed than expected.

Throughout the ad, Caroline shows Luke different styles of underwear, including gray boxer briefs Bryan refers to as his "go-to's," an electric blue pair that Caroline "loves," and the singer's "new go-to," a black thong. Once Bryan sees the thong, he tells his wife it must be a "prank." After getting slingshotted with the underwear in question, the country star puts his signature humor on full display, quipping: "you took my out with that dental floss!"

Fans have mixed reactions to Bryan's latest commercial

By the end of the commercial, Luke and Caroline decide to stick to basics, embracing lovingly on the couch. While all seems to be well and good over at the Bryan's, fans on Twitter aren't too convinced about the ad.

One Twitter user wrote, "That Luke Bryan underwear commercial was not on my #ACMAwards Bingo card tonight," and to be honest, we have to agree. Further speaking to how random the ad was, another Twitter user was straightforward: "Things we didn't expect to see tonight: a @LukeBryanOnline underwear commercial. #ACMAwards."

While one fan was simply surprised at the now-infamous thong slingshot, commenting, "Omg that Jockey commercial with Luke and Caroline. Her flinging the underwear at him. #acmawards," not all viewers were on board with the ad. One person clearly tweeted their dismay at the commercial with, "just when I thought Luke Bryan couldn't get worse, he goes and makes a stupid commercial lol #ACMawards." Ouch!