Here's What It Really Means If You Have A Leo Moon Sign

Almost everyone knows their sun sign, but did you know there's a lot more to it? It's true, now everyone needs to know their big three: Sun, Moon, and Rising. Your sun sign is basically your basic identity, your moon sign is about your emotional needs, and your rising is basically how others perceive you (via Shape). There's a lot more to one's birth chart, but let's focus on moon signs for now.

Many people don't feel connected to their sun sign, they say it doesn't fit them fully. And that's pretty normal! That's where moon signs come in. According to Allure, your moon sign is based on the position of the moon at the exact time of your birth. Your moon sign is basically your internal self, and what you feel on the inside. So it's time to start digging through those attic boxes for your birth certificate and get researching!

Moon Leos have extremely creative spirits

Like the sun sign, Leos are always working to get the best of the best. They crave the spotlight, money, or anything that drives them to keep going. However, the moon sign works a little bit differently. Once you get in the spotlight, you're a bit hesitant and your fear of criticism takes over. Leos are innately very talented, creative spirits, and they take immense pride in everything they do. According to Astro-Seek, since Leos are so creative, they can be quite sensitive as well. They are very much all-or-nothing and can perceive everything as either praise or an insult.

Moon Leos want to share their gifts with the world, but they have to work with their fear of criticism and possibly being eclipsed (via Allure). Luckily, since they're so generous and warm, they'll have lots of friends to help them work through it (via LiveAbout).