The Surprising Trick The Property Brothers' Mom Uses To Tell The Twins Apart

Jonathan and Drew Scott rocketed to reality television fame through their show, aptly named Property Brothers. The show follows Drew, a real estate agent who helps couples procure their dream homes and Jonathan, the contractor who renovates them. These Canadian-born twins have become household names ever since their show first premiered on HGTV back in 2011 and, with over a dozen seasons under their belts, the brothers are continuing to grow their home-improvement television empire with various spin-offs (via IMDb).

Although these brothers are seemingly identical on the outside, they share vastly different interests outside of their shows. One, for example, is their taste in women. Drew is married to Linda Phan, who now serves as creative director for the Scott Brothers' production company, while Jonathan has been dating Zooey Deschanel since 2019, which he made public with an Instagram post. But that's not the only way to tell these twins apart.

Jonathan and Drew have different vocabularies

In an interview with Glamourthe Scott twins revealed how their own mother tells them apart when talking to them over the phone. As any viewer can tell from watching their shows, the Property Brothers have extremely similar voices. However, according to Momma Scott, the key to identifying one twin from the other is their distinctive speaking patterns. "She said I use bigger words," Jonathan told the magazine. "I've been seeking therapy ever since," Drew joked.

Besides boasting the title of Most Articulate Twin, Jonathan also claims to be the more patient of the two. According to an interview with Real Style, Jonathan identifies as more of a wallflower, while Drew comes off as the life of the party. In true extrovert form, Drew claimed, "I find the biggest difference is that I have a personality and Jonathan doesn't. He's a robot." The brothers agreed that of the two, Drew is the classic workaholic, constantly glued to his cell phone. Clearly, his commitment is paying off!

Regardless of which Property Brother you identify with most, you have no choice but to root for both of them as they churn out reality TV gold.