The Untold Truth Of Ethan Plath

The debut season of Welcome to Plathville introduced us to the Plath family, an ultra-religious brood who, at the time, were carving out an existence on a rural farm in Georgia, mostly without modern conveniences. Parents Kim and Barry raise their nine children without movies, soda, and social media, among many other things. They managed to live mostly drama-free, too, with most of their issues coming courtesy of son Ethan and his wife Olivia.

As fans of the show will know, the young couple caused major problems with Ethan's parents by going against their strict doctrine and even encouraging the younger Plaths to follow suit. In season two, all signs point to a completely disjointed Plath family unit, and it seems Ethan and Olivia's influence has really taken a toll on young Micah and Moriah in particular. As the eldest Plath boy, Ethan is striking out as his own person.

Ethan Plath is a classic car aficionado

Ethan is actually the eldest overall, with Hosanna, who doesn't appear on Welcome to Plathville, a year younger than him. According to Your Tangohe has been studying music since he was a child and performed as part of the Plath family band alongside his siblings and parents. According to Kim, the Plaths originally performed classical music locally and it was Ethan who introduced them to Southern Gospel-style stuff, which the family has been touring and recording for years.

As Ethan gets older, however, his personal interests are increasingly coming to the fore. Fans who follow him on Instagram will know the eldest Plath is passionate about classic cars, frequently purchasing and restoring them before proudly showing off the results, much to fans' delight. Talented photographer Olivia, meanwhile, captures the shots. Likewise, Your Tango notes, in an Instagram Story Ethan's wife shared how she'd bought back the 1950 Chevrolet Fleetline he sold to pay for her engagement ring, and re-gifted it to him.

Marriage is paramount for him

The smitten young couple tied the knot in October 2018 and although all seemed well at first, as fans of Welcome to Plathville can attest, Barry and Kim quickly turned on Olivia once they realized she wouldn't be following their strict way of life, and was introducing Ethan to heathen materials including beer and Friends. Their conflict played out during season one but it looks like Ethan and Olivia haven't backed down in the time since. If anything, they've branched out more, with a teaser trailer for season two even showing Ethan getting a tattoo.

The family is divided thanks to Ethan's refusal to fall into line. He's not on speaking terms with Kim and Barry and is also forbidden from spending time alone with his younger siblings. Judging by social media, however, the young couple is more dedicated to each other than ever before. Although fans panicked earlier this year that the two had split, Olivia set the record straight in her Instagram Stories, according to TV Shows Ace.