The Ombré Nail Trend That You'll See Everywhere This Summer

Nail trends are the best trends. Not only are they totally affordable, but you're not stuck with them for life so you'll never feel like you wasted money on something that was only considered to be cool for a month or so. If you agree, the next trend in nails that you need to know about is ombré! 


Once a trend we wore across all ten nails like an ombré rainbow, as Sarah Gibson Tuttle of Olive and June told Who What Wear, "I think we'll see this design trend transition from a different shade on every finger to a more subtle two or three shade ombré," on each nail. No matter your favorite nail color, this trend to accessible to everyone and you don't have to go to your beautician or nail technician to achieve the look. The key to nailing the ombré look? "I always recommend a range of shades in the same color family," Nadine Abramcyk, Tenoverten nail expert, told Refinery29

It's easier to do the ombré nail trend than you think

As celebrity nail artist Jenni Draper shared in a tutorial video on Instagram, to achieve the ombré nail trend, simply prepare your nails as you usually would with base coat then apply the first nail polish color to half of your nail followed by the second colour on the other half, ensuring they overlap. "Use thin coats of color when doing this," she wrote in the caption alongside the video. 


After you have a thin layer of both of your chosen colors on the nail, "use a small dry brush to gently tap over the colors to blend them in, go back over the color several times with the brush, until it's blended," before curing, said Draper (via Instagram). Repeat, applying the two different colors again and blending as gently as possible, then cure and apply a top coat. "This will help to blend the design and add shine," explained Draper. 

It's that easy! Finish with a cuticle oil to ensure your ombré nails last as long as possible.