Why 2021 Is Set To Be A 'Transformational' Year For Queen Elizabeth

It's no secret Queen Elizabeth has had a difficult 2021 so far, with her beloved husband Prince Philip dying a month after undergoing heart surgery (via Business Insider), plus dealing with all kinds of family turmoil. From Meghan and Prince Harry's bombshell Oprah interview to allegations of racism within the royal circle, the queen has been forced to put on a brave face while mourning for her husband behind closed doors (via Newsweek). Reiki master, life coach, and CEO of Auric Michelle Fedrizzi spoke to The List about what astrology has to say about the queen's "very active" and "transformational" upcoming year.

Celebrating her 95th birthday today, with her 70-year-rule Platinum Jubilee coming up next year (via Vanity Fair), the queen's future looks brighter and more positive than ever. As Fedrizzi explains, the upcoming year will see Queen Elizabeth "go through a deeper healing around the Masculine with her Chiron return," a complex asteroid orbiting between Uranus and Saturn (via Well and Good). Symbolizing "the wounded healer," it is the key to healing past issues. In fact, Fedrizzi predicts royal scandals to bubble up come summertime, with all eyes on the queen as she "moves through her Jupiter return." With the responsibility to handle all, the royal matriarch will also see her family expand this year, with some new great-grandchildren.

This year will be 'healing' for Queen Elizabeth

Speaking to The List, Michelle Fedrizzi sees 2021 as a powerful year for Queen Elizabeth, letting the world know "she is not one to mess with" when it comes to her family or the monarchy. No matter what she thinks about scandals like the Oprah interview, the queen will protect her loved ones and The Firm at all costs. This year will be about protecting her legacy and making sure it will continue to thrive.

Fedrizzi also suggested the British monarch will make revolutionary advancements, such as "signing in new laws" or pioneering new rules when it comes to travel. While taking advantage of time to set laws in place, Fedrizzi also mentions the queen might face sickness. She explains that Jupiter moving into Pisces by the end of summer means Queen Elizabeth "could have some health issues."

Although health might be a problem, Fedrizzi maintains that the queen's biggest issues will arise from family drama. The "family around her will bring more attention" to the royal matriarch, as her closest loved ones are set "to reveal family secrets as they fight for the next step in line." This will deeply affect the queen, known to put her family above all else, but she will still have "a good year ahead" while living with "grace, love and fairness." As strong as ever, Queen Elizabeth "is not going to go down without a fight" and will continue to wield her influence.