The Truth About Tracee Ellis Ross' Skincare Routine

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Fans fell in love with Tracee Ellis Ross first from her role as Joan on the cult-favorite "Girlfriends" and then as Rainbow on "Black-ish." She's built her career playing strong, independent women, which seems to mirror her real-life spirit as a strong, independent woman. Ross continues to challenge herself by taking on many different roles and duties. In 2020, she returned to the film world and appeared as one of the leads in the musical drama "The High Note" (via IMDb).

In the year prior, she took on the executive producer role with the "Black-ish" spin-off "Mixed-ish." She's also a member of one of Hollywood's most attractive families. Ross' mother Diana Ross is a timeless beauty, so it's no wonder her children have been blessed with her good genes. Ross has joined the club of Hollywood single beauties over 40 who radiate and maintain a youthful glow. She makes it no secret that she's not part of the "I woke up like this" crew. Instead, Ross' skincare routine requires a lot of consistent effort. Here's a look.

Moisturization is key

Tracee Ellis Ross uses many different products and tools – some luxury, some not — to keep her skin looking youthful. In a video for Vogue, Ross disclosed a few of her beauty secrets. Retrouvé products are some of her favorites to keep her skin hydrated and glowing. She particularly loves the brand's moisturizer and body oil. She also uses other high-end products like some of the Biologique Recherche products, such as their La Grande Crème.

Ross is also a fan of Yon-Ka eye cream and Julisis Gold Wash Day (via The Skin Care Edit). As Ross explained in the Vogue video, she also uses some of her makeup tools to help her wake up in the morning. She rubs the 24K Beauty Bar Golden Face Massager to send a gentle vibration to her face. As luxe as this item may sound, you can find it on Amazon for $19.99.

Additionally, in an interview with Elle, Ross shared that she's been with her facialist Terri Lawton for over 20 years. She even uses some of Lawton's specially made products to keep up her skin regime.

Tracee Ellis Ross likes a low-maintenance makeup routine

Tracee Ellis Ross typically does not wear a lot of makeup and prefers her face to express it's natural character. "I'm not a big makeup girl. I've got a lot of hair and a lot of personality. There's not a ton of makeup for me," Ross gleefully stated in her Vogue beauty routine video. However, one of her favorite lipsticks to wear is Ruby Woo from MAC. She then finishes her juicy red lip with a MAC lip pencil in the color "Cherry." She also uses products like Tom Ford's Shade and Illuminate palette, a Surratt eye curler, Tarte's Opening Act Lash Primer, and Benefit's "They're Real!" Mascara.

Ross admitted that if she's on screen, she wears a lot more makeup. But when she's doing her own makeup, she keeps it simple. She wants to add just enough accents to get her face to pop but not hide her features. Ross explained that she feels like she's earned her "stripes" so she doesn't want to hide them. She doesn't think you need a ton of makeup to feel beautiful.

Skincare from the inside out

"My beauty routine is more about how I feel than how it transforms me into some version of myself that I can't keep up with," Tracee Ellis Ross shared with Vogue. Ross takes care of her body and mind as much as she does her skin and hair. In an interview with Elle, Ross also shared that she's all about eating healthy. She's known for her salads and tends to eat big lunches, but enjoys some cereal or a protein smoothie for breakfast. Ross told Elle that she drinks a ton of water and prefers drinking water from a glass instead of a plastic bottle. Ross believes it tastes better that way.

Additionally, Ross told Harper's Bazaar that Acqua Panna is her favorite glass water. She works out at Tracy Anderson's in Los Angeles four times a week. "I feel sexy and beautiful when I do it," she explained. She also doesn't eat much sugar and stays away from alcohol when she's appearing on screen. Ross is also a believer in solid eight-hour nights of sleep, which sometimes isn't easy with her work schedule.

"I like my skin best when it's clean and glowy, and that comes from sleep, hydration, and happiness," Ross told the publication. Products can only get you so far, right?