How Bindi Irwin's Eulogy At Her Dad's Memorial Service Predicted Her Future

While late conservationist and wildlife warrior Steve Irwin was filling his busy days with filming "The Crocodile Hunter" episodes, managing the Australia Zoo, and educating the public about the wonders of wildlife, he was also making a profound impact in a far more subtle way.

His daughter Bindi Irwin, who Steve had with his American-born wife Terri Irwin, was soaking up not only the purpose of her father's work but his passion, too. No where was this more apparent than in the eulogy Bindi gave at her father's funeral – possibly the only eulogy given by an eight-year-old girl to be watched by millions of supporters worldwide and to be honored as the "television moment of the year" per a TV Week reader poll, via Sydney Morning Herald.

Bindi's eulogy was that of a girl who passionately loves not only her father, but his life's work, too. Listening to it, you get the clear sense that eight-year-old Bindi has already firmly made up her mind as to which path her future would take. She describes her dad as "the best daddy in the whole world" who was always there for her, listened to her, and was a ton of fun.

Bindi now works at the family-owned Australia Zoo

Bindi Irwin also describes the work her father did as "important." She knew he was working to "change the world so everyone would love wildlife as he did." But she doesn't stop there. Bindi takes up the mission herself, saying "I don't want daddy's passion to ever end. I want to help endangered wildlife just like he did" (via YouTube). And according to Terri Irwin, her daughter wrote the speech herself (via USA Today).

Bindi didn't waste a moment in following the path she had already committed to. Within a year of her father's death, she hosted a US television special about her father, followed by several talk-show appearances. From there she became a well-known TV personality. Today she continues her important work of wildlife conservation, education, raising awareness of the issues facing endangered animals. She continues to work at the Irwin-family-owned Australia Zoo, and hasn't lost any of her passion over the years. She says "We've dedicated our lives to conservation. Everything that we do at Australia Zoo is to inspire others to respect our planet and create positive change for the generations to come," (via US Magazine).